• So this was an interesting book for me to pick up. Its not my usual kind of book, I normally for psychological thrillers but I wanted to read something with an emotional punch and this sure does that! Alex has a wonderful life and everything is going exactly as she wants but then she receives a life changing diagnosis and everything changes. What…[Read more]

  • Oh I really enjoyed this book! It’s written so well. You just don’t know who is good or who is bad or if its that simple. The girl in question is really well written and the parents and community and other drawn into the drama, are believable and compelling. Had me hooked!! If you like tense, twisty, thrillers, this is a book for you!

    A litte…[Read more]

  • Our daughter is so worried and scared that she might pick up Covid, now that she is back in school. There are a few kids in her school out with Covid – so far, there are 2 confirmed cases – but all the close contacts for those kids are being tested this week and this may result in more positive cases. She has a snuffly nose bit of a sore throat at…[Read more]

  • It’s a bit hard to get stuff at the moment from local shops because so many shops have been hit hard by covid. we were doing a raffle for a local woman with cancer and found it bit difficult to get much stuff. have you tried local shops in your area? like dunnes, dealz, tesco etc in the blanchardstown centre? maybe they could help you?

    some of…[Read more]

  • Its normal – weird but normal!! happened to me on all my babies. the good thing though is the hair always grew back!!!

  • Did you know that when you buy from ONeills the money doesn’t stay in Ireland? I don’t know why so many schools are making parents buy school kits from non-Irish companies. For that matter….why is the GAA making us all buy stuff from a company that keeps the profits outside Ireland. Aren’t we all supposed to be buying Irish these days???

  • Self harming is apparently rampant in schools. its worrying that so many girls do this and it seems to normalise it somewhat. Our girls play sports and it definitely helps get their angst out. So often they say they want to quit but we don’t let them. Yeah, it may seem mean but exercise really really helps their moods and overall health, so I am…[Read more]

  • Oh janey…..I think I may be losing my marbles! My periods are all over the place….sometimes its 5 weeks apart but the last few times, only 3 weeks apart. Have had a couple of nights where I was roasting and I wondered, if it was a kind of a hot flush!

    anyone else having peri-menopausal symptoms???

  • Sabbi replied to the topic Hello in the forum Introduce Yourself 1 month ago

    Hi Efioa – I am a Mammy of 4 in Meath. 3 teenagers and my gorgeous little daughter, who still hugs me as the teens definitely don’t!! Where are you? how many little ones have you got?

  • I could buy SO much with €200 in Penneys!!!

  • So, my doctor has told me I am peri-menopausal and I feel really weirdly ashamed about it. I am only 45, so I guess I thought menopause was still a long way off and its thrown me off kilter.

    In Feb I had 2 periods, March had none and not sure if I’ll get one in April. Its funny because as much as periods are a pain, literally at times, its kind…[Read more]

  • I am so sorry girls for both of you and your families too. Its really upsetting to lose a baby. I am not sure if this will help but when I had a miscarriage, I wrote a diary for a few months afterwards, I wrote about how I felt every day and because it was just for me, I was totally honest about the despair I felt. I was a good outlet for my anger…[Read more]

  • Still going through this bloody nightmare situation, there seems to be no end in sight!!!

    I was asked to go see the other sides doctor – in the same suite as the last doctor, at Blackrock Clinic. I initially said no, I did not want to go anywhere near a hospital during Covid and also, why did I have to go see another one of their doctors. I…[Read more]

  • So, here we are back at high levels of restrictions again and I am trying not to worry, but some days I manage that better than others. Today I just felt like crying about it all. My children had been in close contact with a positive case 2 weeks ago and have all been kept home from school since to make sure they didn’t get it. They were all…[Read more]

  • Our daughters have cabin beds that we got from Love Furniture years ago and they are still in tip top shape! They can do homework on them. they have play area underneath to put their toys, they have a bookcase and a chest of drawers, all within the bed. Definitely recommend these, they are such good space savers!

  • Sabbi replied to the topic Period worries – any advice? in the forum National Chat 1 year ago

    My periods have been a bit erratic lately – I’ve had heavy ones, light ones some shorter gaps in between and some longer gaps in between! all over the place lately and I reckon it could be because I am in my 40’s now and maybe peri-menopausal! Yikes, hate to think of being anything to do with menopause but I suppose, it gets to us all at some stage….

  • I had Dr Rabee when I went private in OLOL. She was lovely and her clinics were nice, never had to wait long and she was very nice and explained everything so well all the way though.

    My daughters birth went great and she was out in super quick time with only 3 big pushes at the end. She came on a bank holiday Saturday and the hospital was quite…[Read more]

  • hey gals,

    my menstrual cycle has been all over the place in the past few months. I have been stressed (havent we all) with the pandemic but I was wondering if that would be enough to cause my period to stop for a while?

    I had a period at the end of March, same as usual, around 5 days long with some cramps etc. Nothing out of the ordinary. But I…[Read more]

  • How are you all coping being stuck at home over the past few and next few weeks? do you think people in your area are abiding by the guidelines and rules for keeping safe and trying to stop the spread of Covid-19?

    I took my girls out on their skates yesterday and I have to say, dog walkers were very rude. I had my 12 & 8 year old girls on their…[Read more]

  • OMG this is still going on and is getting worse and worse and is stressing me out so much. I know, in light of everything that’s going on right now in the world it should not be worrying me but its gotten so insane now that I am really upset

    The insurance company for the other driver admitted the accident was her fault and they wrote in an email…[Read more]

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