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    In my child’s school this week a child who has been bullied online, self harmed. She hurt herself and had to go to hospital but thankfully, is safe and at home and doing ok with her family supporting her. There was alot of upset, anguish and crying after the incident among the other students and especially her close friends

    My daughter came home from school distraught because she was so terribly worried for her friend and she was sick to her stomach about it. There are rumours flying around that some students were mean to the poor girl who self harmed and this may have contributed to what happened. There have been things on social media about boys and the word ‘sl*t’ was used. I’m not sure what the school are doing, they mentioned a counsellor would come in next week to speak with the kids but they haven’t said much else yet.

    We are supporting our daughter with lots of TLC and talking about it with her but its a really harrowing situation and not sure if we should be doing anything else atm to help her

    any advice on how to tackle this? we’ve never been in a situation like this before?

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