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    I’ll be honest, I was SO looking forward to the Sex & The City reboot but I’m quite disappointed by it. Carrie has a completely different personality, Miranda was a borderline alcoholic one minute and then fully sober the next. She was happily married at the start of the season and midway through she may or may not be gay or bisexual. Its all over the place. It is massively missing Samantha – she was the spark of the show and its dull without her. The writing about why she is ‘missing’ is absolutely so shoddy. They have written that she is in London and not talking the girls because Carrie fired her as her PR. Seriously, in the show Samantha was the most loyal of all the girls and saying she would up sticks and move to another country and cut off contact is lazy writing. If I was her, I wouldn’t come back, they’ve done her character a disservice. Apparently they are trying to lure her back for season 2…it will take some convincing, I’d say she’s glad she’s not part of it.

    In the past few weeks allegations of rape and sexual assault have been made against Chris Noth, aka Mr Big and that has tainted the show as well. Two women claim he raped them 22 years ago. Its so upsetting that while they were making a show about women being empowered, one of the main characters was abusing women

    I wish they’d left it alone, it was ground breaking and fantastic when it first aired from 199-2004 and I loved every single episode but since they made the second movie, its more about product placement then story lines.

    Very disappointed. Unless Samantha comes back and they put some actual good storylines in, I’d say season 2 may never happen

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