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    Hi all! I’m new to this site :D
    I’m 21 weeks pregnant with my second child (first child is 9 now) and I’m starting to feel very nervous about this birth.
    I didn’t have the best experience in OLOL last time (I went public that time too), midwife was wonderful during birth but was treated like a nuisance before going the labour ward and kept separated from other mum’s on my ward. Any questions I had were brushed off and felt like I was being a bother.
    Has anyone got a more recent experience as I’m due to give birth at end of March and don’t know if I have any other options or who I can ask.
    Also have heard stories of new mum’s being sent home the same day if they have their babies early in the morning, does anyone know if this is true as I am very anxious this time as I have already been seen a couple of times for bleeding and other things and would rather not be rushed home in case of complications.
    Thanks very much :D


    I’m afraid my experience won’t be any help to you because it’s been a long time 5 and 6+ years ago.

    The docteur wanted to send me back home, but the midwife was not sure I was ready (very stressted and unsure with baby, was the same with my 2 babies, and still not great with a baby, I’m like in the movies when they hand out a baby to an inexperience man and it looks like it’s a bomb he’s handling, I’m like that!)
    anyway she told me tht if I wanted to stay an extra day i could. I refuse as I wanted to be home as soon as possible (did spend few days in because of C-section).

    Express all your concerns and questions, even if you may or not sometimes have the feeling you bother them. Don’t keep it in you, and ask it until you get answers.
    If they want to discharge you too soon, say it, say you’re too anxious and worried.

    I’m sure a newly mum will share her recent experience at the OLOL.

    With all the troubles they had lately, they tend to listen more to the patients.

    Relax and enjoy your pregnancy wish you the best.




    I have a nine yr gap between my two boys and I have to say I was nervous about the birth too. I think it was more to do with knowing what childbirth was like than anything else for me.

    The only advice I really have is ask any question you want and make sure you get an answer. Just try to be assertive and if that nurse or doctor isnt helpful ask to speak to somebody else.


    Thanks very much to the both of you for replying, at least I’m a bit older and wiser this time round and able to be more assertive with getting answers. thanks for the support 😀


    Hi there,

    I had my little girl in 2009 in OLOL. I was booked to have the baby induced in Mount Carmel but went into intense labour at 7;30 am on a weekday so the ambulance crew brought me straight to OLOL. The care I had there was fantastic. They delivered my baby by CS on a Friday but wouldnt transfer me to Mount Carmel until the Saturday even though my own doctor wanted me transferred Friday evening . The ward I was on had 3 other ladies there and they were a great help to me when I was confined to the bed. The other ladies all stayed one night after the birth but I dont think the doctors would discharge patients if they thought their was a problem. I found the doctors and nurses very nice and informative. I wouldnt think twice about having a baby in OLOL, I got great care as do many many other mums out there. Just relax and take everything in your stride and ask as many questions as possible when you see your doctor at your appointments. Good luck.


    I had an awful birth first time around in a Dublin hospital but when I had my second baby in OLOL, it was great. The midwife looking after me was absolutely lovely and it was a really nice experience overall.

    I had gone private for my second pregnancy but in the end, at my birth, my consultant was not there as she was unavailable (it was a very straightforward birth so she was not really needed anyways) and I did not get a private room either; as they were all full – but I was extremely well looked after and I had a good experience, apart from that.

    In hindsight, for me, going private was a waste of money as I ended up paying for a consultant who was not there and a room I never got into but I had a good experience and that was the main thing for me.

    The midwives are mostly lovely, so hopefully they will look after you.

    Try not to worry too much, its usually easier second time around. 😉

    A brilliant book to read is ‘The Better birth book’ – it is written for mums to be in Ireland, by an Irish mum. Highly recommend that – it will give you lots of good information to help you feel less nervous.

    Enjoy your pregnancy and happy chatting on here, lots of lovely mums and mums-to-be on Mumstown to reassure you if you’re feeling nervous at all


    I’m due my third baby in OLOL at end of Jan. My youngest is just gone 2, the older nearly 4.

    I found the midwives there exceptionally helpful & pleasant. Nothing was too much trouble. I remember one time when my first fella was only a day old, he started peeing, pooing & spitting up at the same time when I was changing him & I rang the bell in a panic. The midwife was sooo nice & calm.

    The resources were stetched last time I was there & I imagine that hasn’t changed.

    You can be lucky or unlucky in the sense that some days they are very busy & some days there are very few in labour

    I went private & ended up in a shared room, but that was all to the good as the company was great. When I went for a shower my neighbour’s visitors kept an eye on my sleeping baby & I helped her out as well as I was more mobile.

    That ‘Better Birth’ book is great. The best advice I can give is read up on everything, be informed & make sure your partner is as well. And don’t be afraid to voice your opinionsor ask questions.Good luck!

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