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    ok girls, i know i’m really jumping the gun a bit but i was wondering about recommendations for the best santa to visit locally or in dublin etc. dd was sick last xmas so we saw none! weve already booked santas cottage for a special day out, but i really mean shopping centre santas. i’ve heard some are really bad and also dont want to miss a good one. i know its madness with the belt tightening and all this year, but i plan on going all out, and will probably go to see a few.



    I have booked Causy Farm – heard that is great


    Its got to be Arnotts!!! We’ve been every year since weeman was a baby and now are bringing his little brother…its the same Santa (very authentic looking) and he has great time for the kids…he is lovely!! Would defo recommend there but it can get a huge que…but they play DVD’s so the kids are happy!! We took it in shifts and wentfor coffee until we got up to Santa.


    I went to Ilac centre with ds last year, he was only gone 3 months but santa was so lovely with him. Only 1 family in front of us in the queue but maybe we just got really lucky with that.


    Have you ever thought of going out to the country a bit? Kia Ora Farm in Gorey is adorable at Christmas, It’s delightfully tacky! It’s a bit expensive, but good value. They give very good gifts for the kids. My dd got a proper crying baby doll last year, she still plays with it. You also get a scone and hot drink, and get to walk through the farm and see the animal. It’s a fun day out. Go on an off peak day if you can though! It can be very busy, but I highly recommend it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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