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    Hello girls
    Ive been trying to find a nice garlic and chill dip but with no suscess. I did use Galberts garlic dip but cant find it anywhere now!!!!! Got a chill dip but it very seedy, I want more of a processed one IYKWIM
    I did try Helmans Garlic mayo (small jar in Dunnes) but the garlic levels are WAY OFF the scale, ds loves it so thats ok…….

    Please please help before I go into Eddie Rockets and cry and beg for them to sell me some nice garlic dip :oops: :oops: :oops:


    M&S do a nice one..


    would you believe I never tried there 🙄 Thanks


    The local chippers always do lovely garlic dip (its in a fridge so its freshly made) just had some today it was yum! 🙂


    I know but I wouldnt think it would last long in the fridge, I did find a nice on in Stafords the other day not too much garlic in it.


    hi lynch’s from ardee do a nice on you can get it in shops around ardee and dunleer its too nice 😳


    We alaways order extra when we get a pizza, the kids love Four Star Garlic Dip, i prefere the Chilli one,

    Superquinn or Marks do nice Dips.


    Noeleenw thats the brand I got in Staffords its in a squirty bottle which ds loves…. will have to check out marks for dips

    I’ve kind of moved off the dips at the minute and on to mellons, bought a load of 49c mellons in Aldi and I will eat at least one a day (and satsumas) 😳 😳 😳 It was pineapples and satsumas. I cravings could be worse it could be chocolate and crisps (or Eddie Rockets cheese and garlic chips 😳 )

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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