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    Hi girls,

    dunnow if you remember i posted a note before about this and if anyone had any experience with their child having this proceedure….i know some mum’s said that their son’s may need this operation and i am wondering has any of the children had it done…

    my son is booked in for his on tues in the Beacon and as the time draws mear i’m terrified and second questioning myself….well i know he needs it i’m just worried about him and how he will be afterwards, i hope he recovers quickly and without too much pain and discomfort and of course trauma…i have told him that he needs to have an operation and that it will be sore for a few days but he has to trust mommy and daddy and do what we ask, (hates his willy being touched, we had to try and look at it and sort it out has Phimsosis (tight foreskin) and goes bananas) had an accident which led to the whole has to have a circumcision, and he wouldn’t urinate for hours so i know he’s gonna be upset and in pain….i just don’t know what to do regards him going to the loo and how he’s going to wear pants or trousers and how to keep it less painful for him, these will be questions i will ask before he goes under, i also know that he gets upset when he wakes from a nap dunno why just does so i want to make sure that i am with him when he wakes…..
    you know i think i’m more worried about it rather than him, all he wants is bumble bee and optimus prime transformer when he’s in hospital….
    so girls if anyone has a son who’s had this done or knows of someone who has had this done comments please….i am so nervous about this now i dunno where my head is and as it’s such an unkown toic and not our culture to have this done you get mixed opionons so keep your fingers crossed and keep him in your thoughts and send positive energy our way next tues….i’ll let you know how it goes


    Hi Scole, i wonder how old is your son?

    I come from a country where circumcision is the norm, and i have 3 brothers so i would have "second-hand" experience. Boys in the Philippines normally have it done either at birth or in the years before pre-teen (when they are able to pull back the foreskin a certain extent). When my brothers were circumcised they had to wear very loose cotton pants, or even borrow a skirt from us their older sisters (for maximum comfort). It can be a great time for a Scottish kilt! 🙂 When I came to Europe I understood for the first time that it’s not actually a ‘necessity’ in the majority of cases. But in cases where the doctors say it is necessary (like for your son), I think it’s good to remember it’s quite a straightforward operation. I think the key things are that he has fun in the hospital (favorite toys/games plus favorite food?) and that he’s as comfortable as possible afterwards while he heals. If you are calm and positive, he’ll maybe pick up on that and he’ll be quite happy too? Well, i guess it depends on how old he is…

    🙂 Anyway, hope this little input helps.


    Hope the best.
    I know as a mum your job is to be extra worried and concern.
    But from surgeon point of view, it’s a basic operation. Keep that in mind, to help you to relax (as much as possible, but I know it’s easier said than done).

    My friend’s son had it done, seems to have recover very well et quickly.

    He’ll be fine. Ask all questions to medical team. Nurse know as well as surgeons about operation and recovery and they always are easy to talk to.

    You both be ok.
    Take care.
    Talk soon,


    thanks fabienne and corinne, C will be 4 in dec…..
    i think i’m more worried now than he is, had a chat today told him about going to hospital wants bumblebee and optimus prime transformers wow so hard to get the 2 of them the same but finally got them, and a friend gave a loan of the old series of transformers from when we were kids so said he could watch that on the portable dvd player in hospital…

    i’m just panicking about the whole operation now, going for general and also getting drips in and then the recovery, i told him your willy will be different afterwards but don’t worry it’ll get better and be fine, he said i don’t want my willy to be different i like it the way it is…mmmmm so we’ll see….

    booked to stay in the Beacon hotel monnight as next door to hospital and will be less stress tues morning…..and got a patient deal too so he’s looking forward to going to the hotel for the night…..

    thanks again girls will stay positive and calm will let you know how it goes


    ds 8 has to get it done too so i would be interested in how you get on – he is the same and hates any one going near him – consultant said to leave it for a year or 2 until he matures 🙄


    Sure you thought of it, but have for him a little present when the pain start to be manageble or gone, as he was very brave in hosp.
    It has to be something small so he can play in anyposition in his hosp bed.

    General anesthetic is scary, but they know what they’re doing.

    I had myself various surgery including one done in the worst condition possible (emergency after meal, and I wasn’t stable….) and they know how to deal with tough cases, so a planned surgery is always done in the best condition possible. And you should try not to think about it.

    Drip wasn’t really an issue with ds when he had surgery. He did not liked it but it was for him as it was not part of him.
    Then the treat was to take it off to go to toilets and back once in bed.
    He had a drip for 2 wholes weeks. Different story.
    And even if I knew about medical treatment in term of science,
    when they took him I kept crying non stop, and checking my phone as they call you as soon as you can see your child.

    So yes I can tell you to relax, I wasn’t able to myself…..

    So be brave, keep in mind that they’re doing a good job and make the most of your night in hotel.
    Big party for brave big boy.

    They tell you that they’ll call as soon it’s over, but if the child doesn’t ask for parents, they wait a bit longer to check on child and finish all the cleaning and stuff without anxious parent on their side.
    So, if surgery last 45 min, you may not have phone call straight away.
    If they don’t call when you think they will IT’S NOT A BAD SIGN.
    So don’t panic!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I did not know that, and after 2nd surgery (in different hosp) they did the same. If child is not upset they wait until the child is awake and is completly ready to be seen.

    ds was in icu and they called after they finished most of it, but they had to do a test,and it was fine but to do the test they unplug a sensor, so it was beeping and my heart nearly stopped. I’m glad they did not call before, I couldn’t have copped with all the finishing touches.

    So don’t panic, you’ll check your phone non stop, but relax.

    Which hosp does he go into?

    Take care,


    hi scole don’t have any experience but just wanted to say thinking of C (and mammy) on tues – as we said other day you’ll probably be more upset etc than him! 😆


    Oh I bet your in bits, he will be fine…… dh’s brother got it done as an older boy he cant remember but his mum said he was sore for a few days, but over all he was much better after the op.

    God the HSE and harney going on about cut backs, thats two public paitents (my mum and your ds) who were sent to the Beacon for treatment, would it not be MUCH CHEAPER to get public paitents treated in public hospitals. My mam was in 2 days in the Beacon, she is dying to know how much her op cost 😆 😆 😆

    Good luck and he will be fine xxxxxx


    thanks everyone, yeah he’s being seen in the Beacon, we have been waiting in olol since march, i hadn’t heard anything and thought they had forgotten about it to be honest then got a letter from the national treatment purchase fund to say we have been on a waiting list and would we like to go to the beacon, that was nearly 2 weeks ago got phonecall on thurs saying possibility for tues then confirmation phonecall on fri evening saying time for Tues….so can’t believe it….anyway i will stay calm and focused for my little brave boy and stop looking on google for information……pray to god to keep him safe….

    FAbienne thank you for your words and reassurance, i hope your ds is well ok after all his ordeal, well seeing him friday it’s hard to think he was ever ill……


    thinking of you scole xx



    Get some rescue remedy into you, if he pick up off you the tension it might freak him out. He will be fine, believe me it will be worse on you then him. In the long run he will feel better…
    Good luck and RELAX


    Good luck for tomorow.

    Take care.

    My little man is fine thank you.



    Hey Scole,

    It’s hard I know but try not to worry too much. It will all be over before you know it and no doubt he’ll be fine. They bounce back so quickly from these things. It’s us mammies who fare the worst I suspect….

    I’ll know how you’re feeling soon – when my little man gets his appointment for same procedure. Can understand your nerves but you are doing what is best for him, try to think about when its all over and you can indulge in some serious ice cream therapy (you as well as him!!)

    Will be thinking of you all tomorrow.

    Good luck.


    Dont know if Scole is still up in Dublin but all went fantastic, in the end they only had to cut the skin on the underside and sew back together, plenty of room to go back now, so problem should be solved.
    So he didnt need a circumcision in the end, much to mammys delight…… still dont like the sounds of what he had done, so Im sure Scole will have a sore little boy for the next few days
    Phew… Thank God for that


    They’ll be on the Ben & Jerry’s by now hopefully…

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