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    Just wondering what you are all doing tomorrow night?

    We are just having a wee family night, gonna have something nice to eat, few drinks, nothing major. Tho, my Take That singstar arrived today, so i might give that a bash!

    Happy New Year to all you fellow mumstowners :lol: :lol: :lol:


    We are doing the same trixi get a few board games and a few nibbles dh will have a few drinks and me and dd can have some coke will let her stay up late aswll


    im not a lover of going out on new years eve, havent went out in years!

    How are you feeling now Rossy?


    Im grand Trixi,, Im on warfarin for a few months to make sure my blood dosnt clot again if it does ill be on it for life.. 😕 I can never take the pill again either i only went on the fecking thing because i was told i couldnt even try for another baby for at least a year following the section.. only on it for 2 weeks..have a few tests in st james to go to at end of jan to see why it happend. i also have to go to OLOL every week to get blood tests ..

    other than that im actually great.. Ds is 17 weeks now and he is triving a really great little baby.. he is sleeping from 8-8 since he was 6 weeks wich is a bonus ( sleeping beauty is what he is called now). DD is doing really well also

    how are you and your gourgeous boys and beautiful little girl


    OMG Rossy, what happened to ya? God u poor thing.

    DD is the same she is a wee sleeping beauty as well, so blessed, she is just so good! The boys are keeping me busy as always DS2 is just a livewire!
    I’d say M is getting really big now, what does she think of her little bro?


    long story short version.. started on the pill think on 5th of november for the first time ever… got very breathless… wnt to doctors thinking i had a chest infection.. sent to a&e straight away and ended up in icu with multiple blood clots in both my lungs.. so someone is looking out for me up there cos i kept putting it off goingto hopsital 😯 😯

    M is great with being the big sis now that he is playing with her.. at the begging i had loads of jealousy from her but it soon settle down,, she is getting really grown up lately aswell!!!!


    im taking over your thread trixi 😳


    OMG someone was deffo watching out for you, must have been very scary 😮

    ds1 was the same when ds2 was born but after a few weeks he settled down.

    And ur not taking over my thread, sure thats what its for, talking!! U cant stop me once i start lol!! 😆 😆 😆

    Enjoy ur night and bestest wishes for 2010!


    DH is has informed me that he is cooking a meal 😯 God knows what i’ll get for me dinner 😆 😆 😆


    Lucky you – getting a meal cooked
    This could be the start of something new


    Nothing Planned
    DH on nights last night
    DS & DD want to stay up until 12

    Have to visit Dad & stepmum later
    Just chill with some nice food and drinks and play some wii games

    Happy new year one & all
    I look forward to closing the door on 2009 and opening it again on 2010


    few beers playing the wii.. might get dh to take the poker chips out, might end up strip poker when i run out of chips 😉 😆 😆 😆

    Boys in bed and thats where they will stay i hope….

    Rossy thats shocking and your one lucky girl…. so Im wishing you a happy healthy 2010 xxxx


    gosh rossylisa that’ s scary – hope you ok now
    we just had a nice dinner together once girls where in bed – then a few drinks and chilled nothing major – have to say just couldn’t get into new year this year
    Happy New Year to everyone


    Oh my God, Rossy, you were very lucky! Take good care of yourself.

    We went to our friends in Offaly, was nice for a change, a quiet evening with a few drinks…


    How ya now lisa???

    I went out new year actually had a great night..€20 in but €2 a drink……do you think I can rem much of the night hahahahaha good times.

    Happy new year to ye all girls!!


    At 2 euro a drink dont think many would remember the night 🙄 😆 😆 😆

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