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    does anyone have any ideas where you maight start to look if you were considering surrogacy…..

    just wanting to keep options open….my sister has always said she would be a surrogate for me and dh if things didnt work out…had a mental dream last night and woke up thismorning and i just feel like i should look into it a bit more…i have no idea where to start or if it can be done in ireland and how much it would cost????

    has anyone ever used a surrogate or been a surrogate and where did you go, etc, etc….

    dh and i have been trying 6 yrs now i know its not long(but its an eternity) and we are both hitting 40 in the next couple of yrs…just looking to keep our options open…

    any advice would be great…



    There is an old thread about this on Mumstown. AFAIK it’s not legal to charge for surrogacy in Ireland and once the child is born, you have to go thru the process of "adopting" the surrogate child thus you must meet the stringent adoptive criteria in Ireland.

    A pretty long process that is based in the stone ages…


    yes Chickpea there was a woman offering to be a surrogate on our "fertility" section…did you see it on there will bump it up for u….ireland is a very difficult place to either adopt, surrogate, or receive donated sperm/eggs…one of worst places in europe i would say for this…..


    Yeah and she lashed in to me just for asking questions…..

    Edited to say best of luck to you whatever you decide to do!


    thanks guys

    just something going through my head more and more lately…i saw that womans thread…think she was a bit mental…she did lash into you for no reason….and you didnt deserve it and she never got back on the thread after she obviously felt attacked just cause she didnt want to answer some genuine questions….i think every one has a right to question something that is put onto a public website…
    i know about having to go through the adoption bit….but its a thing my sister said she would always do for me if the time ever came….was just hoping to get some advice on where you would even start….i was wondering about going to england and using families addresses over there…not sure though….you would think in this day and age that it would be something that would be encouraged and not hidden under the carpet….


    yes its ironic that ad on tv for free advice for unwanted pregnancy …Positive Options when we all know what they mean really …where is the free advice for infertility???



    I saw that Positive Options ad last night and was thinking the exact same thing as you regarding help for infertility problems.


    Hi Chickpea,

    Ive been through an infertility battle of my own, took nearly five years to conceive my ds and it felt like an eternity too, so i do know how you feel.

    Luckily i now have my ds & a dd but needed help both times.

    Anyway, i was a bit of an emotional wreck through those five years and found the support of a fertility group a life safer – check out their website – i went to their by-monthly meetings and the information that i learnt there from all the other people was vital. It was also great to chat to couples in the same both, we all had different issues but the same aim. It was intimidating to go to the first meeting & i had a battle to convince dh to go but we enjoyed the meetings, came out with a feeling of hope and are so glad that we did go.

    They also produce newsletters and i know some of them had information on surrogacy, egg donation etc.

    Maybe if you rang their helpline, someone there would be able to help you out or point you in the right direction, im sure they know of irish people who have done it.

    Best of luck. I really, really hope it works out for you.


    Hiya ladies, ive just joined as i felt it was important to give you some information on surrogacy in ireland.
    I was born without a womb and my sister always told me she wud b my surrogate, i never thought this was possible in ireland but after many years of research my journey is about to begin!
    2 years ago we were about to start surrogacy with the sims clinic in dublin then we recieved a letter to say they cud no longer do it, however we can travel to manchester for the treatment and egg transfare and then my sister will have the baby in the coombe. we will have to adopt the baby but have been assured that this wont be a problem.. we have already been to manchester, had our consultation, tests councelling ect. so once we have the money they are going to post our meds over and we can begin, they will liase with the sims clinic in dublin, this will cost about 10,000euro.
    We have a solicitor here and have done all the paper work.
    If you have anyquestions just PM me.. best of luck hun x x


    😯 😯 10,000 – why so expensive?? If your sister is your surrogate how come it costs so much?

    Thats sounds ridiculously expensive. So once again, couples with fertility challenges are forced to pay huge amounts of money. There should be some sort of scheme in place to support couples who cannot afford this.

    In the current economy this would make having a baby very difficult for lots of couples. Very unfair.


    hey lyndalucy

    wow that sounds fab lynda i am so excited for you….i will defo pm you as i would love more info on this….im hitting 38 this nov and we have been trying for 6 yrs now…its soul destroying…but you have just given me a ray of hope. i will defo pm you later today…

    sabbi i agree it is expensive but well well worth it….i imagine the cost covers all the legal fees and hospital fees etc…sure i have to go for a lap and dye in a few wks i have no health cover so its going to cost 200 for the initial consultation and ive been told the procedure will cost 1500 minimum…if there are any complications and i have to stay for 3 nightsits going to cost 5000…so id be half way there….

    im so excited and feel like crying ill defo pm you later lynda…xxx

    thanks for sharing…


    Hi Lyndalucy,

    thats wonderful news and sure it will give hope to many couples here in Ireland…the costs involved i would presume like Chickpea says are the medical procedures & legal fees…..

    many people used to say to me why dont you adopt instead of keep trying & trying in vain for your own baby…but another thing here in Ireland adoption is not available unless foreign adoption & that can cost double this amount at least & now there are many doors closed from various countries….and it seems the surrogacy situation is also being prevented….

    so well done for finding a way round these issues and how wonderful for you & your sister to share such a wonderful journey…

    wishing you all the very best

    Moonflower xx


    Hi All,

    We recently came back from India with our Baby Daughter. It took only 4 working days to get an Irish passport. We had to go to the district court.


    did you use a surrogate babyback?


    hey babyback

    congrats to you i bet you are over the moon….did you use a surrogate?? I hope all is going well for you and baby….

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