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    hi there,as some of you may know i have only had my daughter home from hospital a short time & it is so great to have her here but last night i felt like cracking up,sleep deprivation really is a form of torture!

    i got up to feed her at 3.30am & she fed for over an hour only to then 10minutes later projectile vomit the whole feed up over herself,me,the couch & the after changing her & sorting out as many of the stains as i could she was screaming for another feed as obviously she had emptied her tummy cos of the large vomit,so i then fed her again for another hour but after it she just wouldnt settle and everytime i put her back in her moses basket she would scream & cry so eventually after being up with her for 4 hours she went to sleep.

    then this morning i couldnt lie in as a specialist nurse was coming to give her an RSV injection,the visit took about an hour.she was a bit upset by the injection & hasnt really settled down since then & seems out of sorts,am keeping an eye on her temperature etc….but nurse said there dont tend to be side effects to it.

    anyway i just thought i would share my sleep deprived night with you all & hope that tonight is a better night for us both!


    i feel your pain…our lo was a fab sleeper but has been a nightmare past few weeks, i am a walking zombie!!

    its just a phase though….i know it will pass soon (i hope so anyway!!)

    best advice to you is….nap, nap, nap as much as you can!!

    happy new year!!


    My sympathies!! My 11 month old still is up twice a night (midnight & 4) & I have a 3 and a 4 year old who are not dry at night yet & regularly potter in to me for a cuddle or because they are wet. Daddy is overseas a lot, so I’m on my own mostly. I love them to piece, but I also work fulltime, so no sleep-ins – and there are days when I struggle to hold it together.

    I’m afraid to take up my friend’s invitation to go to the cinema, because if you put me in a dark, warm room minus kiddies, I’d be snoring in minutes and would never live it down….. 🙄

    There really is a reason what they use sleep deprivation as a form of torture!


    our little girl woke up 5 times last night. we have moved her from her moses basket to her cot in her own room this week and she is not a happy bunny at all.

    we thought she was getting fed up in the moses basket and was waking alot as she is getting big and maybe was feeling a bit restricted – so we hoped that when we moved her into the bigger cot, she would sleep better with more room to wiggle about but its not going smoothly yet.

    I am so knackered but I know she is our last baby and I know this is only a phase (I have to keep telling myself that or I’ll crack up!) so I am trying to enjoy the middle of the night cuddles as much as I can – while she still wants me to cuddle her. I know it is a short term thing as her big brother is 8 now and the cuddles are not so frequent with him so enjoying snuggling babs as much as possible!

    If I wasn’t breastfeeding think I would be addicted to coffee but as it is, having to make do with just the odd cup….the joys of motherhood!!!


    the sleepness nights are tough alright but esp in the begining, my dd1 was a brilliant sleeper buy dd2 not so good and i tried everything, eventually i got used to a broken nights sleep that i was more tired after an unbroken night if that makes sense 😆 in your case babs is still very very younger and she will most likely settle for you -as sabbi says nap nap nap – as much as is poss, nap when baby if you can.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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