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    I am looking for advice pls on sippy cups for my 14mth old… For last two months he is using free flow cup (one in chemist with his name on cup). They have an plastic "plug" that is to be used when travelling and is not suppose to leak! I have found that it leaks a lot… He is use to the free flow cups, just wondering if there are any recommended cups out there that don’t spill when you are on the go.. I have googled and "playtex" is a good brand, don’t know if you can get them here though… All recommendations welcome.thks.


    my 15month old uses tommee tippie cups/beakers, they dont leak 99% of the time but the odd time if he is throwing it the valve can come loose and it leaks a bit, i just open and clip the valve back on…. great beakers. Love all the tommee tippee range


    I tried so many and never found one that is leak free for long.

    Let me know.
    Don’t need it anymore for my children (6 and 4) but always good in the car or plane.



    The "nuby" bottles from tommy tippee, 5e in b-town pharm. they dont leak
    but the dd bangs the tip of thr bottle on the floor until she ll geta drop out!!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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