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    hi there,i had my daughter ten years ago and found out i was rhesus negative O.at her birth i got an anti-d injection,as she was a premature baby i was scared to get pregnant again,finally 2 years ago we started to try and i got pregnant 2 months later,only to miscarry,the hospital said it was a chemical pregnancy,so back i was to trying again,i put on weight easily and my doctor ran full bloods and everything came back ok,she put me on clomid cause i didnt ovulate every month,6 months later i was pregnant again and lost the baby at 5 weeks,they again called it a chemical pregnancy,the hospital didnt give me anti d as they said i was under 12 weeks,no im panicking and getting upset as im ready ttc again,my sister had 5 losses i dont know what blood type she is but she has 3 kids now,my mother is rh A negative and had four of us no problems and im the youngest and i was born in 76….im so scared could someone please advise or reassure me xx thank you so much :)


    Hi hun….

    So sorry for your losses…. 🙁

    Have you got a good relationship with your doctor? If so, I’d discuss your concerns with them asap.
    Secondly… what blood type is your partner? As this will impact your baby’s blood type.
    I am also RHneg and when I was pg with my son, all was fine… the difficulty came with my second pregnancy…. in that, when my son was born there was tranferrence of blood from placenta, which resulted in my body creating antibodies….
    I was given Anti-D when he was born, but the bleed happened in any event.

    When I was pg with my daughter (my second child), my pregnancy bloods came back that I had the antibodies in my system, and I had to have bloods taken every two weeks to make sure that the antibodies in my system weren’t attacking my baby. My levels stayed low, and she was born one day after her due date, 100% healthy.

    Then I had a third pregnancy, which ended in miscarriage…. possibly due to the antibodies in my system… which saw the foetus as an "invader" and resulted in the loss.

    BUT, the bottom line is…. depending on baby’s blood type, and your partners, you could have absolutely no problems at all. So many factors come into play, which is why you should really address your concerns to someone in the medical field.

    I’m an unusual case…. If your bloods came back clear, then you don’t have antibodies, and you have no cause to be concerned…

    You may have just had very bad luck regards your previous losses and you could go on to have a 100% normal pregnancy! Let me know how you get on….. Talk to your doc…… 😉


    thanks so much for replying,i was worrying so much about this.yes my gp is a great doctor and i get on very well with her,shes back from holidays in 2 weeks time so im going to pop up and see her,i rang the maternity hospital yesterday and was speaking to a midwife and she told me anti is not needed before 12 weeks,and as my losses were so early i didnt need them,i got ant d after my daughter was born,i think my partner is positive and my daugther is positive too xxx many thanks xx


    I’m glad you have a good relationship with her, that is great, so hopefully you’ll be able to address all your worries with her.

    http://www.babycentre.co.uk/pregnancy/c … tidexpert/

    Have a read of the above…. it should help make things a bit clearer for you.

    Bottom line is :
    You’ve been given Anti-D….. because your daughter was a positive blood type. The Anti-D would have eliminated any chance of your body creating antibodies….. which means that your next pregnancy could be 100%.

    Me, on the other hand…. my body created the antibodies…. I’ll always have them, and if I were to fall pg with a child with a positive blood type again, the pregnancy possibly wouldn’t go ahead. IF on the other hand, a pregnancy resulted in a negative blood type baby…. there would be no issues…. as there wouldn’t be two competing blood types in my body….

    I know it all sounds complicated, but I hope I’ve alleviated some of your concerns….

    Wishing you all the best….. (and LOADS of baby dust!) x


    thank you much for that xxxxxx i was just thinking about it there,i had anti d after rachel was born and i sitll miscarried 2 yr ago,so maybe its more of a hormonal problem…. keep me in your prayers for the next one and ill keep you posted thank you much xx


    Will do! xxx


    Any feedback after chatting with your doctor? I’ve been thinking about you and wondering how you are getting on! 😉


    hya thanks for thinking of me xxxxxx…..im going through another miscarraige at the moment 🙁 im totally heart broken,but now im going to get investigated and find out the reasoin,they told me in the hospital its defo not my blood type ,its hormonal,i just hope i get the answers xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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