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    Hi there,

    Can anyone recommend any good venues for a child’s party? Looking preferably for a nice hall where you can then bring in your own entertainment etc. My dd is going to be 5. Thanks in advance. :D


    Hi BM

    Laurence Town Centre would like to offer you the use of our food court for dd’s 5th Birthday Party.

    The venue is free of charge and we are happy to reserve an area for you and keep the new play area for your private use only. I have spoken with Mi Casa and they can offer catering for the childs party in the form of Nuggets, sausages & chips or any suggestions you may have this has been done before and they offer excellent value and you will have none of the mess.

    They are also happy to bake a cake or you can bring your own. If you decide to consider us please call me on 041-9810940 and I would be delighted to help you organise this as I am considering offering this area to regular customers to my parent & toddler group. You can be my test case !!!!!

    Susan Drumm
    Centre Operations Manager


    Thats a great idea..


    Depends on where you are, but The Glen Emmet’s club house in Tullyallen is light, bright, airy, modern, well-facilitated. The room is upstairs but plenty big enough for anythin you might need for a kids party. Had a joint 2nd and 5th there with 40+ kids and a magician, roaring success. PM me for contact details


    that’s a fab idea susan….now why didn’t i think of that when ds was 4…ah sure there’s always next year…well june for ds2 first birthday…


    Hi bm
    another option would be gymborree in scotch hall – we had party there for year old and all the kids really enjoyed it. they entertained the kids for about an hour, then we had some party food (which we supplied), then the kids had time on the inflatable obstacle course, DS was thrilled with this as loves bouncy castles but cant get one for his winter birthday.


    Great idea Susan!


    I like the gymboree idea… then eddie rockets 😳 😆 😆 😆


    try hennypenny childrens show, PM for details

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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