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    Hi Girls,

    I am working on an article on PND (am way behind schedule at this stage with everything that has been going on with us so need some help!)

    I am looking to speak to some mums about how they felt when they had PND. About what you think if anything, you could have done differently when it happened and was there anything you could have done to pre-empt it?

    I am specifically writing about ways to try to prevent PND and be aware enough to know if it is happening to you, so you can get help straight away and not leave it to get any worse.

    I think so many of us prepare for pregnancy & birth with ante-natal classes and reading books and talking with other pregnant women and mums etc but when baby actually comes, we are often quite lonely at home because we may not have organised classes or meet-up’s to go to after baby arrives and we can become isolated.

    I think having things to do with other mums & babies can really help after baby arrives like yoga, swimming, waking clubs, baby massage, baby singing classes, baby sign language etc

    If you have an experience and would like to share it, that would be really helpful.

    thanks in advance.


    I think one of the big things that you can do to help yourself is go out EVERYDAY for a walk even if its just for a half an hour,you may not feel like it & it will be an effort on certain days but you will definitely feel the benefit & it has been proven to help lift certain countrys now doctors prescribe excercise for people with depression.

    Another thing is TALK,dont bottle things one is expecting you to be a super mum & you dont have to do everything by yourself.Ask for help,any mum will be able to understand where you are coming from & hopefully will be able to reassure you that these feelings wont last forever.

    Good luck with your article,let us know when to look out for it.


    ABout 11 years ago, when I had my first and had to go back to hospital for appointment, while waiting in the queue, a midwife went to talk to all new mums and ask them how they were feeling, did not happen for the other children I had after.
    Also the nurse visiting mums at home after birth are good and when they had more time / less mum to vist they really did check about babay’s and mum well being.
    But if they could do another visit few weeks after the first one it would be great.
    As if a mum suffer she might not get out seek help and they are the ones that need to be checked / helped.

    More midwifes/ nurses, better care would help.


    I would love to comment on this but i dont have much time, housework in calling!

    Look for very early signs, there is no shame in PND but the quicker you get help the better.

    EXERCISE…. I was used to laugh at my gp saying go for a run or a class, get out of the house for an hour in the evenings!A warning to new mothers, Make the time for 1 hour a day, have a walk, a bath, get out of the house and shut off, forget about the baby and the house.

    We arent wonder women, ask for help and dont be ashamed that you need help. Get your mother to help Iron or mind the baby while you mop the floor etc.

    I know when i had my pnd, i could have prevented getting so bad if i didnt hide it away from everyone, even from myself.

    I have load to say but no time, i will try post later x

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