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    I have a 14 month old daughter. She is my second child and we really got the shock of our lives with her. She screams crying when its bedtime, and if we make the littlest sound when she is asleep ie. opening the stair gate, walking around the room, my other daughter using the bathroom she wakes up immediately and stands up crying. Its constant cry, cry,cry. She is in a routine, she gets her tea, bath and then bedtime with her soother and bottle.
    In she goes into the cot and she goes hysterical. We stuck with the crying for a good few weeks now but its getting silly, her screaming is causing my neighbours to worry! :roll: I live in a detached house :shock:
    I cant leave her with the babysitter because they cant cope.
    Im nackered as im not getting a nights sleep and have work the next morning.
    She is not teething and has plenty of play before bedtime, out in the garden, or on the floor with her toys. She just hates going to bed and wants up and doesnt stop screaming until i give in. (usually when shes been crying so hard she makes herself sick) I know crying never killed anyone but it mentally drains me! Any ideas would be gratefully received.



    i used to have a joke with my friends about second child syndrome as all of us had it easy enough on number one but when number 2 came along it was such a shock i’d say i didnt sleep a full night for 2 years – tell a lie she was good in the beginning – but i know how exhausting it can be i have number 3 now he is 13 months and not sleeping well at night but doesnt scream is just very restless , does your dd have a sleep during the day ?


    Don’t have that experience as my son (second at home) was not sleeping until he was 15 months or more but was easy to make him sleep after he had a short visit from us.

    In books(long run) they say to stay with the child in her bedroom, stroke her face until she falls asleep. Then once that routine works, just leave your hand with her without touching her.
    Then seat still in the room but a bit further, and so on until she’s not afraid to sleep by herself.
    It’s a very long process, but nothing could be as tirying as cries and constant lack of sleep.

    And if you have a bit of family support you should go away for a full night, have a family member stay in. And then when you come back rested you’ll have more energy to start a new routine with your daughter.

    Best of luck.


    I agree with Fabienne – I do that with my LO regularly. Maybe you do this already though??


    Forgot to tell you, my son was in the same bedroom as his older sister. She sleep so deeply nothing is waking her and like that he was not alone, maybe that helped him to fall back asleep.
    Now they’re in separate bedrooms, since he’s 2 and 1/2. He had nearly a year of full night sleeps before we change rooms.
    I suppose you tried everything.
    Keep us posted on your achievments.


    Happy i had similar problem with E1 when she turned 2 – my dream child who only woke at night when teething & sick was a nightmare to put to bed – i basically did what fabienne suggested in the end after trying the crying etc – it did take a while say 2/3weeks of sitting with her and moving further from the bed but it worked in the end.

    oh and i’m terrified i’ll have the "2nd child syndrome" i know lots of people who all have dream kids for no1, then no2 arrives and won’t settle into any routine, is more adventurous etc etc etc


    lol my mam’s just told me ny nephew was dragged in from playing last night cause he had his sister (who is 4years older) in a headlock! 😕 😯 yeah he’s the 2nd child – when his mother gave out and sent him to his room he told her he’d climb out the window and run away! he is usually a great child!


    😯 😯 😯 oh what have we got ourselves infor 😈

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