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    Hi,I went to the doctor yesterday,i have to say i had been putting the visit on the long finger for about 2 months i know that breasts change before & during periods.the doctor said it feels like there is a cyst in one & in the other there are maybe 10 little pebbley type lumps.She sent a fax yesterday to the hospital & is sending me for a mammogram,ultrasound & general check up on my breasts.

    Im trying not to worry & think to far ahead about this….Im not telling my mum & dad as they are real worriers & i dont think there is a point in worrying them unnecessarily.Ive told my partner & my sister & now you mumstowners,thats all im going to tell till after the tests (which should be in about 2 weeks),the doctor said i should know the results before christmas.

    Just wondering if anyone else has been sent for a mammogram due to finding lumps & what is the process like?



    Don’t worry – it is very common to get lumpy breasts, especially after you’ve had a baby. I had a little lump on my left breast, between the breast and under my arm and had an ultrasond scan and it turned out to be a fat pod (yep, disgusting but not serious!) It was left over from when I was breastfeeding and was not something that needed action.

    It went away of its own accord but I was so glad I had it checked and was able to get some peace of mind.

    You are young and its probably not anything serious – if its a cyst it can be drained or removed if necessary. Then again, you may not need anything done – it could be harmless and go away by itself.

    I know you’ll worry a little because that’s natural but cysts and lumps are more common than you might think and alot of the time, are not serious.

    Keep us posted on how you are getting on, we are here for you to let off some tension anytime. xx



    Thanks for replying Sabbi,did you have to get a mammogram aswell?.i have heard previously that they are quite uncomfortable as they flatten your breast like a pancake so they can view all the cells.cant say im looking forward to that!.

    Have to say am feeling very down in the dumps as i have had the flu since saturday,am flattened with it & signed off work for the rest of the week but i just cant seem to rest as when i lie down it just makes me cough,so its a vicious circle 🙁



    I found a lump my breast 3 years ago, the night of a friends hen night, i went to the doctor the next week and he checked me over, he said some women have lumpy breast…. i left the gp’s but wasnt 100% happy as it was only 1 breast and i was never like this before, i would notice it somedays when it felt huge.
    It turned out to the nothing, the mammogram isnt sore at all, my breast were tender the day i got mine done, yes it has to scan the whole boob, they place the boob between two plates then they close it very slightly, a little discomfort not pain. They say the bigger the boobs the less your feel, i would be small enough and it was fine, i did hear really flat chested people find it the worst as they have to try and get the breast tissue between the two scanning plates iykwim.
    You really have nothing to worry about, i was told it could have been a hormone change after the birth of my now 4 year old ds or a changed in breast tissue after breast feeding, another gp told me maybe it was something as simple as milk ducts swollen, never found out what is was, everything was clean and since i was tested it hasnt really happened since
    Good luck and dont worry, also try resting with a few pillows, it sounds like nasal drip that is making you cough when you lie down, sleep sitting up if you have to



    i got my appointment for the hospital,its next tuesday…i feel quite anxious but hopefully it will all go well.good to know Taylor that themammogram isnt sore thanks.



    good luck on Tuesday



    hey,was in the hospital at 8am & got seen quite quickly considering i was a public patient.I got examined by a doctor first who confirmed that she felt lumps aswell,then i got sent for mammogram,it was slightly unpleasant having boob squashed like a pancake but not sore,i think you have to leave your dignity at the door for that one!.then another short wait & i got called for the ultrasound,that was just jelly & scanning.then i went back to see the specialist Doctor,he said he is happy enough that it isnt anything serious- so big sigh of relief my end,i think the results get sent out in next 2 weeks but i hope that whoever else looks at scans etc…will be happy its nothing sinister aswell 🙂



    At least it’s over now, and they are happy enough with the prelim views- hope you give yourself a big treat after the worry



    ah that’s good news
    How’s Hailey & yourself keeping?



    Hi Munchin,thanks for asking.we are finally on the mend,between her having RSV & me having a viral infection that i just couldnt shift,it has been a tough few weeks,we are both still coughing but we are a hell of a lot better than last week.hope alls well your end.

    Twink-my treat was writting a few xmas cards!….i hadnt felt like it but after the positive outlook at hospital today,i thought i would try & get in the festive spirit. 🙂



    Just seen the post now, you have been having a difficut time, great to see all is well..

    Lucky you in the festive mood… Wish it was all over, not in humour to celebrate christmas this year, but have to do it for the kids..

    Talk soon x



    Libby,I know what you mean about not being in the festive mood but as the saying goes i’m going to "fake it till I make it" Hopefully when your kids get excited it might make you feel a bit more able for the festive season x



    Hailey thats great news, most things are picked up at first glance, so all sounds good.

    Libby I know it must be very very hard for your family this year, but just keep your Brother in mind, im sure she loved Christmas and all the family fun….. fake it till you make it, sounds good 😉

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