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    As of this evening…

    Friend dying of cancer
    Sister in law 1 waiting for hysterectomy (long saga, not straightforward)
    Sis in law 2 at bedside of seriously ill dad following accident
    Sis in law 3 in A&E with kidney problems (another long saga)
    Toddler nephew split head open last weekend
    Mother in law rushed to hospital last weekend with threatened pneumonia (home now, but not better – on steroids & antibiotics)
    Uncle diagnosed with cancer gets ‘worse than expected’ news
    Hubby ‘coming down with something’ (that’s quoting him!)

    I thought these things were supposed to come in threes?
    Is there something in the air?
    Or is it in the water?
    Breathe in, breathe out….

    That feels better!
    Rant over!


    wow pookie thats alot for any one person to cope with – hope you’re ok – well as ok as possible
    huge cyber hugs xo


    Yes granted a lot to deal with but be thankful you and babs are well x
    That’s your main priority at the moment..stress over everyone else afterwards


    Sorry to hear all your troubles.Try and remain calm & dont stress too much if you can help it as it wont be good for you or babba.
    Take care of yourself x


    Am calm!! But was almost afraid to answer phone for a couple of days there!! Hopefully that’s the bad news done for the year!


    You’ll be able to bring some good news into it all very soon when baba arrives and that will be like a little ray of sunshine admist all the sad stuff thats going on.

    In 2011 we had a fantastic year, everything went great with all our family and I remember at the end of it being very grateful thinking about how we all had such good luck and no major sorrows. I wished it could always be like that but thats not how life works sadly.

    This year has gotten off to a very bad start already; most sadly was my father-in-law passing away. It was such a shock, he was only in his 60’s and had only been in hospital 11 days when it happened so its very hard on us all at the moment. Last week my uncle fell through a roof, he shattered his shoulder, broke his foot, punctured his lung and broke 3 ribs – but even though he is in a bad way, he will be ok after alot of hospital care and convalescing. And in fairness, he could have been killed as he fell 20 feet, so we are grateful in a way. My aunt father-in-law took his own life a few weeks ago, he was in his 60’s and its an awful situation. Its a terrible shock when someone older does that.

    There is so much sadness around and with the economy being in a heap, that makes things harder but there are also amazing things to behold. A new baby is the most wonderful thing and brings happiness to the whole family and you have that to look forward to which will be lovely.

    We have been inundated with kind wishes from friends & family at this very difficult time and their kindness has been really touching – its nice to know people care so much. I suppose the bad times can bring out the best in people and we have really seen that over the past few weeks.

    Keep your chin up and focus on your husband and children and this new little baby who is coming along and that will keep you going.

    If you are still with bump Tuesday, you might like to come along to our get together in Drogheda or on Thursday the one in Dundalk and we’ll distract you for a while. 😉


    You seem to be having the same kind of early 2013 that I’m having, Sabbi. Discovered yesterday that mum of friend’s partner had just taken own life. Only in her50s.

    I know that is just life, but sometimes it seems that there is a wave of tragedies….

    Aiming to be there for star of meet-up in Drogheda – but whpo knows…

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