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    I’ll run a monthly french class for parents who don’t want to learn french but want to be able to understand more to help their children in school.

    I’m a native french speaker, teaching french in laytown primary school.

    Looking forward to hear from you,



    I would love my 4 year old to learn french. You don’t happen to give classes for such an age group?



    I did in the past, but to be honest ot was not really a succes.

    I’ve learnt from that experience, and to work it should be more a parent/child class.
    With parent playing along the games in french. We all seat on the floor and play, read stories….
    To work the child should not hear me talking in english, but if it’s only 100% french the child will not want to do it by her/himself.
    it needs to be in a group and as it’s a weekly (once or twice) activity, the major thing is pleasure.

    My child goes to gaescoil and it’s because she only heard her teacher speaking in irish and that she was there every day that she learnt.

    At that age you can’t really teach/learn french but you can do games and USE french and that’s the way to learn.

    If there is enough interest, I’m willing to do a groupclass.

    PM, I let you see with your child’s friend if there is some interest.
    And maybe some other parents on this website would like to do it as well.

    It can be in my house (Bettystown, Co Meath), or yours.
    We can discuss the options later.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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