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    hi there,
    As a newbie, can anybody recommend or suggest a gyne. consultant. I
    have just found out i’m pregnant and am "considering" the private route.

    However i do not know any drs and cannot ask the people I know ( IYKWIM !!!!)

    i see on previous posts that a DR Rabee gets a few votes.




    I seen a Dr. Quigley, his rooms are in William Street, would definely recommend him.

    I know a lot that seen him.

    Really if i was pregnant again, i would be going through the midwife led units , i wish it was there when i was pregnant.

    Good Luck


    I can’t really help… I went through the MLU (which was brilliant) and was assigned to Dr Rabee but I never needed to see a doctor so can’t comment.

    I just wanted to say congrats!


    i had Dr Rabee and thought she was very good, she’s no nonsense type of woman but if i was pregnant again i’d go back to her.
    i have heard wonderful things about the mid wife led unit but i think you have to go public, then its kinda like a lottery who gets on the mid wife led unit – you should look into it


    10 out of 10 for the Midwife Led Unit !

    If you’re having a normal pregnancy and don’t get on the scheme you might consider going public. It’s understandable that going private seems like a good idea to ‘get your whack’ out of the VHI etc…but there are significant benefits to going public for you and your baby.

    If having a consultant is important to you it’s a good idea to find out a bit more information than just their bedside manner. 😉

    Most consultants are wonderful caregivers but not all practice evidence based care (the use international best practice guidelines) Most women want a consultant who is up todate on current practices.

    Finding a good match is critical to help you have the best experience for you. If you would like to keep routine intervention to a minimum then it’s important to find a consultant that has more of a hands off approach and won’t intervene unless it’s medically necessary. These consultants would have low episiotomy rates, would only induce at 14 days and would be comfortable with allowing a mum to labour at her own pace with intermittant monitoring.

    Consultants who are more hands on (not always a positive trait in maternity care)would have higher rates of episiotomy (it should be around 1 in 10) Routinely induces before 14 days and has more assisted deliveries (forceps, vacuum)

    Finding out who the best match for you depends on the kind of birth you’d like (assuming all things are normal)

    Hands on – or hands off ? Hands on is recommended when you have a high risk pregnancy. 80 – 90% of mums have normal pregnancies so midwife led care is recommended by international recommendations or a consultant with more of a hands off approach.

    So how do you find out which consultants are hands on or hands off ?

    Here are a few simple questions that will help you decide which is the appropriate caregiver for you and your baby during this special time.

    How often do you find it necessary to do episiotomies ? What % of your patients end up with one?

    How do you feel about me giving birth off the bed?

    How do you feel about induction ? (14 days is now recommended)

    What kind of monitoring do you recommend during labour (intermittant is recommended ie your midwife will check your baby’s heartbeat every 15 – 20 mins)




    I was with Dr. Milner and she was brilliant – highly recommend her!

    My friend had her two babies with the MLU and it was great for her, it looks very good – would like to consider it next time, but don’t think I would be ‘allowed’ as I had gestational diabetes and a section also, I think you have to be ‘problem free’ going in.


    Yes you have to be having a normal pregnancy with no complications to use the MLU.



    Thanks for your replies. I already had 2 normal pregnancies with no complications. 1st started naturally & 2nd was induced. Both were big babies….2nd one was over 10lb – ouch ! Both in the Coombe, so new to drogheda.

    Although i had no pain relief on either ( well, the tens…..) I am not averse to it, just felt i could cope without. In another post it states that in the MLU you lose the opportunity to get an epidural. Did I take that up correctly ?.

    Also, its important for me NOT to be waiting for hours for my apmts. ( both my kids are small) I know you can never be guaranteed speed & if a "lady-in-waiting" needs help with her delivery, I am happy to wait. But, i’m just , as you say Tracy, trying to do my homework.

    Thanks a mill girls. your advice is worth its weight in gold.



    On the epidural, if you are in the MLU you can’t have one. However, if when the times comes, you decide you do want one, they will take you down to the physicians ward. Now, I asked to see the route just in case and it’s down a flight of stairs and across a ward 😯 I couldn’t imagine doing it while in labor. 😀


    I would second Dr Quigley or Dr Rabee, had used them both.
    If I was to go again I’d go for the MLU, who needs an epidural???? If you had 2 without why do you think you’d need it this time.
    I used tens and found it fab, I did get an epi due to c section and I suffered with massive headaches for weeks if not months after it

    All the best in your choice


    i am with dr rabee had my appointment today – waiting an hour – this is going private but i like to think that the reason for the wait is that some one was in labour 🙄 she is very good on my third with her


    Generally there’s no wait for your appointments in the MLU and it’s a very informal chat on the midwives couch. 😀



    noeleenw that happened me once with Dr Rabbee and i was told she was attending a premature birth


    That happened me a bit when I was with Dr. Milner – and was also told, it was because her patient was in labour…


    i had my ds in the MLU over 2 years ago it was fab they are fab….would deffo recommend, i had a water birth with him but dunno if you’re allowed to birth agin in water or if they’re just allowing you labour…sure why not call the mlu they’re on the 2nd floor, they are lovely….basically it’s all antural birth you see the midwives only, it was clean and relaxed and private really….the waiting area is in their floor so you really are not in a q to see them they see you straight away…..very nice girls…..if you want to have an epidural or need section you are moved off the floor and down to a consultant…..and then not in the MLU care, (that’s when you get to labour stage and god knows what happens at that stage but all going well you’ll be kept on MLU ward)
    best option i made was the MLU delighted i had the previledge really and they are really open with your birth plan, i did hypnobirthing with Tracy was fantastic and the midwives were fine with it they never said anything they said whatever was going to make me comfortable they’d be happy to go along with…

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