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    Hi all,

    I am researching for an article about birth plans.

    Some mums to be write extensive ones and some don’t write any at all. Some midwives & doctors are supportive of them and some don’t want to know.

    I wondered of the mums and mums to be on here, how many of you have written birth plans and do you think they are important.

    Do you have a story about birth plans you want to share? Did you have a good experience or a negative one?

    All comments welcome!!



    Ok, I’ll give you my two experiences…
    DD in 2003 did everything "properly" as per ante natal classes, check ups and maintaining my own good health and in UK at time, birth plans were all the rage but i have to say, they were the only part of my ante natal practice that I felt distinctly uneasy about and for peculiar reasons that I do u/s are probably quite personal to me and the kind of character I am.
    I actually felt that drs wouldn’t give 2 hoots about them-if they were involved rather than just the midwives in my delivery, then birth plans would be the last manual they would be running to, and I also felt they were an insult to midwives. They are the experts and have seen every kind of birth a million times over between them and know that the physiology of the delivery is more important than Mozart playing as the head crowns. I thought that many actual professionals on the ground didn’t believe in them, rightly or wrongly, and so only paid them lip service in theory and, again, rightly or wrongly, would largely ignore them during delivery and what kind of position would I or dh be in at that point to insisit on anything? So thought best not to get hung up on one as who knows what actual birth would turn out like so how can you possibly "plan" for one?


    What a tale I went on there! DS in 2006 much simpler!
    After being jittery about not having birth plan for dd although felt vindicated in end as just "planned" to trust the midwives and whatever they recommended, was pretty gung-ho and determined about not having any kind of "plan" at all for birth of DS. Seeing as he decided to gofrom 0-birth in 2 hrs 20 mins, was 10lb and delivered unplanned at home almost by the dh with midwife turning up only for the last 6 mins, me only having gas and air (and believe me, id’ve taken heroin at that stage if it was available) and no stitching at all, I personally feel vindicated in my decision.
    It’s like anything – Mum has to feel confident about going into labour, and if even having simply made a birth plan, even if it might not be possible to adhere to it at the time, gives that confidence, then that’s great. I just got mine by putting faith in the experts as I see them, a view I know is v personal and maybe contraversial…


    think your right hjs they don’t really care weather you have one or not, they are going to go with what’s needed at the time of the birth…

    for me i see it as a reassurance for mammy as when you’re pregnant you are not in control of your body and how you expand, your moods, weight gain and cravings, and perhaps the only thing that you can be in control of and happy about is that you have made the decision and outlined your birth plan….

    for me having my first child in 05 i was a nervouos wreck, terrified of needles, pain and the thoughts of it coming out of well down there….wow how can a melon be pushed through a lemon… 😆 but it does…i was that nervouse about having a baby and having heard many a horror story and it’s the worst thing in your life you’ll never experience the pain ithought here there must be something more that i can regain control and have a good birth experience it can’t be such a horrible thing if millions of women have babies….i checked the interenet and found hypnobirthing….this then became my birth plan along with MLU in olol… wonderful this would be for me….i did speak to the midwives who were very understanding and up for making my birth and birth plan what i wanted to a certain degree and explained that if there was an emergency or something that needed to go from my birth plan then we’d have to deal with it…my gp didn’t really care to be honest what i did, and really they knew at the end of the day a birth plan means nothing when it comes to the actual day….
    luckily for me i had ds1 in water, easy enough birth, great experience however i had 3rd degree tear and needed surgery…so in a way my birth plan was the way i wanted it but the aftermath not so much…
    along comes prenancy number 2 and well because of birth aftermath of 3rd degree tear it was a c-section all the way…for me no option of a birth plan….only thing i had on it was keepme alive, keep me with my blood if needed my blood and make sure that i’m ok afterwards and of course baby….
    i did have questions that i wanted answered and they were answered, i never got to have a birth plan 2nd time round i had to do what was medically needed….

    so really for those who feel that they need a little reassurance and need to know that they are in control and that the doctors/midwoves etc are on their wave length then go for it….but realise that a birth plan may not go to plan and accept that, some don’t they get upset about that… the end of the day enjoy the experience and try not dwell on too much….


    I would be very keen on birthplans as I see them as a great way to initiate discussion between myself and my care providers. I have had one on all my births – some read, some not – and in general they have been well received.

    I think one of the biggest points to remember when writing a birth plan is to make them specific to you and how you envision your birth going (assuming all is going normal)…. it is pointless to download a birthplan from the internet without understanding the reasons behind your choices and options/alternatives involved, for example.

    My birth plans have all been fairly straightforward with the focus on normal birth..its what was right for me.

    The main topics I have ever found to cause issue in the past is in regards to a routine management of the third stage of labour vs natural third stage and also routine continous monitoring on admissions (strapped to bed) vs intermittent fetal monitoring.


    Thanks girls, you’ve given me lots to think about with all that!!!

    Any more mums or mums to be who have anything to say on birth plans, please feel free to add it on here or PM me…

    thanks again!


    hi Sabbi,

    i had probably the best birth experience that you could wish for as a first timer, i did however have more then my fair share of bad luck afterwards as dd developed a life threatening condition just after she was delivered, but shes fine now thank god. That certaintly wasnt in the plan!

    In relation to the birth plan, i had one which was very extensive and detailed and like some of the other girls i knew that it may not go to plan. firstly i went two weeks over and had to be induced, waters were broken for me, which wasnt in the plan, i suffered severe pain at the hands of that awful drip they give you to get contractions going, but luckily for me the whole thing started at 8am and she was born at 7pm. i did it all with NO pain relief which was in the plan. and she was a 9 pounder which wasnt in the plan!! i had no assistance in terms of drugs, foreceps, stirups or any of that stuff, which was exactly what i wanted. i did however have to have internal foetal monitring for the last 3 hours, which wasnt in the plan, but you dont really mind on the day as its for the good of the baby right?
    i can only say that i was lucky to be attended to probably the best female consultant ob that there is in the rotunda private, and that is why i had what i consider my dream birth scenario. when i originally gave her my birth plan weeks before, i was concerned that maybe she wouldnt remember it on the day. I arrived for my induction with numerous copies which i proceeded to hand out to everyone in earshot. no one said anything negative, and literally when push came to shove(excuse the pun) my now favourite consultant was at the foot of my bed encouraging me on, reminding me of all the things i wanted in my birth plan, and helping me to make sure that the things i didn’t want, didn’t happen. she was even quoting it to me! what was i worried about? i was so comfortable in her hands and was so relieved that she followed my wished to the letter, quite literally. she did everything she could to help me deliver the way i wanted to, it was a miracle it worked out so well considering the midwife was sizing me up for a c section 5 mins before! just wanted to share with you my experience and to let other people know that not all ob’s midwives etc. are disinterested in birth plans.


    Thanks Missysmum – sounds like it was a bit of a rollercoaster for you! Thankfully it all worked out well…

    The article will be running in next Monday’s Irish Independent, Oct 12th for anyone who wants to read it. It will be in the Health & Living section.

    Thanks again for all your replies.

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