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    My dd is almost 8 mths and has just started in her creche. I am doing a gradual induction 3 hrs one day little more the next etc etc. My question/concern/query is regarding the report book you get. Her’s hasn’t been completely filled in (for the time she was present) for the last two days and yesterday they didn’t follow her routine regarding bottle/drink. My dh picked her up yesterday. She’s not in today but I’ll be bringing her tomorrow and feel I need to raise these issues. What has been your experience of this, don’t want to come across as psycho mom but I am finding it hard enough to leave her without having reservations about whats going on when she’s there. Don’t get me wrong I checked out the creche and was very happy with it and the staff seem lovely. Any advice or suggestions would be great. thanks


    Hi Collonmom,

    I think you should definitely voice your concerns. You need to feel comfortable leaving your DD at the creche. I do think you need to remind yourself that the staff deal with many babies will take good care of your baby.
    i know how difficult it is to leave your young child with someone else, it will get easier! Trust your instincts; if you feel the creche is good then you need to trust the people there, but you should still talk to them about what worries you.

    Good luck!


    hi collonmom – the early days are far from easy, my little one started at 5.5months she’s now 2 and doing great. I did have issues in the begining BUT you have to remember that as well as you and dd getting used to creche – staff are getting used to & getting to know you and your baby too. I would mention your concerns and keep an eye on things but unless things don’t settle down i wouldn’t back a big thing of it – if you know what i mean. NOW if things don’t settle i would make it more formal etc etc but in time being just mention it when collecting dd. You don’t want to come accross as you say as psyhco mum but at the same time you should let staff know you expect things to be done properly.

    Re baby’s routine – your baby will adapt to creche routine in a matter of weeks. I know when my dd was starting i asked the creche what happens will they stick to her routine or what way does it work. They said initially yes off course but as baby gets older and eating solids etc they all tend to eat together etc so by the time baby moves to toddler room (roughly age 1) they are all on same routine. When baby sees other babies being fed they only naturally want it too. I got rough idea what their routine was and implemented it at home.

    It does get easier – my little one loves the creche – she’s a star in their xmas show – should be fun!!!! they really do great activites etc with them.I think though that It is very important to build a good relationship between yourself and the staff.

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