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    just seen a woman drive off with her 1 year old jumping round the front seat, with no seat belt, I know this woman to see and Ive never seen a car seat in her car, I cannot understand why someone would do such a horrible thing to a baby :cry:


    That just makes me want to hit her over the head with something!
    Stupid stupid woman….. 🙁

    super minder

    in sorry but report her to garda ans they will fine her and that way baby will be safwe as she will have to have car seat 👿 👿


    gosh..that is unbelievable some-one could be so irresponsible


    All it takes is a cat or dog to run in front of the car, she jams on brakes and poor baby gets a whack of the windscreen.

    It makes me sad to hear stuff like this, our little ones are so precious, I would literally wrap them in cotton wool sometimes if I could!!


    I thought it would be a bit harsh to report her but maybe i should.


    I thought it would be a bit harsh to report her but maybe i should.

    How will you feel if you heard something happened to the child, you wouldnt be able to live with yourself, this child has no voice for its self so she needs someone like you to speak up for her…. ring the garda

    I was stopped at the lights at St Marys church and a coloured woman pulled up beside me with 4 or 5 kids in the car. None with seat belts and two in the front seat and one standing between the seats (as we did years ago)
    I got out of my car and knocked on her window (my passenger window motor broken 😳 :idea:) I told her not to move the car one more inch until she got the kids strapped in, think she thought I was a copper as he pulled in beside tuites butchers and strapped the kids in 🙄 😆 😆 😆

    What bakes my noodle the kids with no belts and mam and dad are belted up 😈 😈 😈

    super minder

    i love to see good parents with car seats ect. it teaches the children as well. i have to say i reported a child minder im sorry to say but i did it for the kids.

    every day for a week she would put 6 kids in car. and i mean a normal punto . i said it to her twice and she told me to mind my own bussiness and i was a nosey cow. so i took her reg and went down to the garda who were lovely and explained the story.
    the next day the garda sat outside the school watching her. she had five kids ranging from 2 to 7 in the back of car with no seats and one who was around 4 in the frount. the lady ban garda made her get out of the car and explain herself. she was a child minder and wasnt aloud take all the kids home by her self that . day .
    next day there were her and another lady collection kids two cars with seat belts but no car seats ………….. 👿 👿 maybe the garda got onto her as she now only collects two kids who are around 7 and 8. im glad i did it for the kids.


    Really makes my blood boil. I know years ago we had no car seats for children and it was the done thing. I bought my first car, an import, in 1997 and it actually had no back seat belts at all and I had to get them put in. Car seats were so basic then and only a few people used them.

    But life has changed, roads are busier and faster. Children should be in a car seat. I know mine, like so many other children I’m sure, wouldn’t sit in a car without either being in a car seat or for the older ones a booster seat and belt. to them its part of life. You don’ t go in a car without belts, seats etc.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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