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    right girls favour to ask, a good friend of mine is turning 30 she’s dublin girl likes going out and has everything, what would you suggest to get as a pressie….

    wanted to bring her out for the day gte massage and hair done etc but has said that work is mental and as i’m due a baby would hate to put me under pressure to get done asap and also let me down….so what else can ya get a girl who has everything???


    Newbridge silver is always a good pressie.


    A watch?
    Like Libby said, Newbridge always goes down well.
    I got a fab piece of silver from that shop Silverwood in Drogheda for my 30th – lovely pieces in there.


    Check the newbridge site they are doing fab charm braclets and you get 4 charms for 40 euro


    Hi there,

    I think your first idea is the best, the massage & getting hair done, sure you dont have to do it now. Why dont you make her a little "i owe you" note (must be handmade) and do it in about three months after you have had the baby, then you will both really enjoy it. You will certainly deserve a day of pampering.

    Every year around mothers day my sister & myself bring my mam out for afternoon tea to a plush hotel. It is a really nice treat. We get all dressed up & spend a couple of hours on a saturday afternoon there. If your above idea really doesnt suit, maybe she would have enough free time for afternoon tea & good chat.

    Oh yeah, check out http://www.Moonpig.com for lovely personalised cards. I have got a few & they have been very well received.

    I was in Coulter & Black recently ordering a communion cake & i saw this really cool 30th birthday cake, it had pink icing & a small photo of the birthday girl, plus handbags, shoes, credit cards. It was really good, thinking about getting something similar for one of my friends. They are great there as can do anything.

    Like you, most of my friends have everything, so i usually just get them a voucher for a spa but to personalise it, i get a card from moonpig. The very special ones get a personalised cake.

    Good luck.

    super minder

    text me your address and i will send you an ann summers catalogue and we can make up a voucher or basket ect .
    xxx angie 0863004061


    thanks girls for that will have to have a think any more ideas also appreciated….also there’s a lovely gift shop across the road from me riverside giftware so also gonna have a look there….


    Hey Scole – lucky you, no hangover today!!

    Try Charming Jewellers on Stockwell Lane. She makes up her own jewellery so you can get your friend something no one else will have.

    I’m sure you all got a good look at my charm bracelet last night, with the little handbags hanging out of it, I got it in there for only 30 euro.

    She has a huge range of stuff, all sorts of prices. They are lovely and really good value for money too.

    I’d say Angie could do a brill package too – thats another fab idea!!

    Good luck. x


    had a goo there today, the hubby was being a moan so will have to take trip in by myself, loved your bracelet when saw it yesterday see they have one with breast cancer symbol on it…..

    also beautiful red neclace set if you were going anywhere really nice like a ball or wedding beautiful stuff…so will have to take a proper look during the week…..and she said if looking for particualr colours will make them up….

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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