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    Hi there,

    I’m getting married soon in County Meath but I live in County Cork. And I’m just wondering who should I invite from work? I have a couple of close people at work but the thing is we are only having a seat don meal for 120 people and most of those will come. Should I give them an evening invite even though its in County Meath? And should I invite my bosses to the whole day? Some people say I should and others say I shouldn’t I just don’t know. If anyone has any ideas that would be great.



    congratulations on your up and coming wedding wishing you a very special day

    with regards invites there’s awalys an issue with this regardless, someone somewhere will always have something to saysomeone to add etc…

    weddign though we lived in meath, most lived in dublin we got married in cavan…so it meant everyone had to travel…the hardest for me was the fact that i had just had a baby and was on maternity so in a way it sort of helped the whole who inviting not inviting…i was also still very friendly with people i had worked with in previous job who knew i was getting married, again arkward..

    so in the end i invited those who i was really close with, and becaused it was on a fri people had to work, so they were invited with a nice note stating that business had to keep on going but we would love if you could come to the afters, we knew it was a fair old journey and costly to stay over, but it meant that people could decide either way…

    later those who couldn’t make it from work etc, i met them for a drink one day after work and we had a great night…so you could suggest something like that…you will find some will travel but if you state that you can’t do everything people do understand… all they want to see if the dress etc…so there’s athought a night out in your dress….lol….

    best of luck with decision hope all goes well..


    It can be a hard decision to make, especially when you are restricted to numbers…
    I would say invite those that you are closest to, people will understand that you cannot ask them all.. if there are others, you could always wait to see if you got many refusals?

    Best of luck with it all!


    You should do what feels right for you.

    On our wedding day, we invited close family & friends to the full wedding (around 80 guests) and then other friends, relatives, colleagues etc to the afters and it worked out grand. I invited my boss to the afters only. He was a nice guy and we got on fine but my husband and I only wanted those close to us there that day to celebrate with us.

    We had a silly little rule we came up with to help us decide…

    We had been living together for 4 years before we got married and decided that if someone had never been to our house, they should not come to the whole wedding. This may sound a bit silly but it had a certain amount of logic to it because anyone who knew us well enough to come to the wedding would have been in our house on one or more occasions. This also came in handy when parents, siblings etc wanted to invite people who we did not know very well. We were able to say no to quite a few based on this logic (or madness, whatever you want to call it but it worked for us!!)

    Good luck with everything and enjoy the build up, this is such an exciting time. I would do it all again in a heartbeat if I could. 🙂


    Hi again,

    Still no decisions made. Though thanks for all the help. Sabbi that sounds like a great rule, although if we planned out wedding like that half the family wouldn’t be there. We live in Cork and all of our friends and family live in the Louth/Meath area. The rest of the wedding plans tho are coming together and my hen is in 3 weeks. Really looking forward to it, although I have no clue where I am going or what we are doing. Just trying to lose the baby weight that seems to have taken up full term residence on my body. Any tips anyone? I’ve been in touch with Laura from labfitness, but I figure I can never have too many weight loss tips. Getting nervous now, first dress fitting this weekend since I had my DS so hopefully I won’t look too bad.

    Thanks again,


    Hey Caz,

    Just remember, the general rule is 9 months up and 9 months down with babies and your body may never quite be the same again afterwards but thats ok, thats motherhood for you!!

    Just try to embrace your curves and get some really good underwear – its amazing what the right underwear can do under a wedding dress. Arnotts/Debenhams are very good for that, so worth popping in there to be measured to get something that will flatter you in all the right places.

    and remember, your husband-to-be is marrying you for you – he won’t care if you are a few pounds lighter on the day, as long as you feel good and are happy and enjoy your day, thats what really matters.

    Have fun at the fitting 🙂

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