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    Hi to all on mumstown. I have just started a new loyalty card for Matt Dillon Photography and would love to know what you all think. Its aim is to capture your child growing up and the different stages they go through, sitting up, walking ect. the card is €60 and you get……

    3 Photography sittings in the studio

    3 12" x 10" Photographs – one from each sitting.

    1 14x13cm Photobook with a mix of photos from the three shoots

    5% Off everything from the first shoot

    10% Off everything from the second

    15% Off everything from the third shoot

    ……What do you think?


    That sounds interesting. Do you come to peoples homes?


    Hi Sabbi,
    I prefer to work from the studio for a few reasons…I have all the equipment I need to hand, I have much more control over the light and as a result I find the pictures I get in people’s homes just aren’t as good as the ones I take in the studio. There are plenty of samples of my studio work on my website http://www.mattdillonphotography.com or simply click on the spot ad on the right hand side of the page.
    To facilitate people, I can take bookings at any time including evenings and weekends and because of the nature of small children and babies, I always say to customers that if on the day of the appointment you don’t think the children are in the best of form, I will happily reschedule the photoshoot at no cost.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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