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    I am trying to wallpaper my down stairs bathroom today. Have it almost fully stripped of the old paper and getting ready to start putting the new paper on soon.

    It is a very small room so not much work involved. The only problem is trying to do it with the baby and small kiddies running around and calling me every 10 seconds…I have been at it an hour this morning and have been off the ladder more than I’ve been on it!

    am toying with the idea of getting someone in to do it for me instead and am wondering how much this would cost?

    anyone know someone in east meath/drogheda areas who does wallpapering and can give me a quote?



    My Dad does wallpapering! I can pm his number if you want, and he can go out and give a quote.


    yes please!


    can u pm number as well


    me too yvonne my dad did my last one and think he would have heart failure ifi asjed him to strip it off and do new wallpaper….what he doesn’t know won’t hurt lol

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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