Toddlers diarrhea

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    My DD 2yr 3months, has finally (after alot of appts and tests) been told she has toddlers diarrhea.
    Unfortunately, her paediatrician in OLOL isnt very friendly and has given me no indiction on anything I can do to try and help her. I have heard that changes in diet can help. She has been tested for allergies and all and all is clear so thats fine but I was just wondering if anyone has been through this and have any tips for me??
    Also in regards to potty training??

    SuzieQ :D


    Charcoal is very good for Diarrhea, i know you wont get a 2 year old too eat this but if she eats toast, if you "well do it" as close to burnt as she will eat, this might help a bit.

    Does she still drink follow on milk?


    No she is on normal milk and has been tested for dairy intolerance and shes grand with it. I was told to increase her dairy intake but she has psoriasis and because if that i had to reduce her intake… lol.

    Will try the burnt toast, if she is anything like me she’ll hate it! 😆
    SuzieQ 😀


    When looking at children who have a physical complaint the first thing to look at is HOW THEY ARE IN THEMSELVES. How are they coping with it? Does it affect their energy or mood? If the symptoms have little impact on them you know that their body is coping with whatever is going on and will most likely sort itself.

    The conventional medical system has no real explanation for toddler diarrhoea. Other more holistic systems look at the whole person – so in your daughters case it would for example include a history of pregnancy and birth and any illnesses shes had (you mention psoriasis) and how she copes emotionally e.g. what makes her anxious/angry/fearful. Very often one finds that a symptom is a physical expression of something that is happening or has happened on the emotional level. Holistic treatments like homeopathy, kinesiology, acupuncture and reiki all work with the body to help bring it back into balance.

    Hope this is of some help.


    Have you tried the BRAT diet: banana (gives my 9mth old constipation so that’s a good sign 😉 ), apple, rice and toast. I’m not suggesting that you give her only these foods but included as part of a balanced diet they might help. … t_diet.htm

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