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    We headed over to Tayto Park yesterday for our 4 year old’s birthday. It was our first time going and have to say, the kids had a ball, they absolutely loved it.

    We went to look at the animals first, there is a great Falconry display, pony rides, farm area, and buffalo (which you can look at through a telescope) and loads more. Cannot pronounce some of the names! :lol:

    Then we stopped into the wigwams where there was story telling, face painting, balloon animals, Pocahontas and a Big Chief (who says ‘How’ and then to be funny, adds ‘You doing’ in a thick Irish accent! :D )

    Then we went for lunch and this was most surprising, the food was actually really nice. My brother had a full Sunday roast, there was loads of food on the plate and he said it was delicious. They had BBQ’s going on outside too which smelled so yummy, so we nabbed some burgers (burger & drink €5, good value) which were very tasty. Had a coffee afterwards and dessert and it was lovely as well. Was really surprised as usually do not expect much from the food in places like this.

    Spent the rest of the afternoon in the adventure playground. The kids were at the bandstand for disco dancing, climbing walls, jumping on air jumpers and there was loads more to do but with mammy being so pregnant and it being so hot, we needed to go home at that stage. They were all very unhappy with me for wanting to go home after 4 hours so had to promise to take them back again soon.

    The good thing about there being so much to do is that we can go again and still do things we have not tried; like the tayto factory tour, walking on air etc

    Its very well laid out and is really nice to look at with lovely shrubbery, flowers & fountains. Its a different kind of family day out and well worth a trip. We will certainly be back. :D


    I have heard so many mixed reviews, you can get a yearly pass for 100e, so it might be worth investing in if that good


    we went the june bank holiday and dont know if it was because it was a bankholiday but it was packed had to q for 45 mins for bungee jump and the wall climb and sky climb, The factory was closed there was 2 men painting the ground! so exciting !
    The ranch house was gorgeous and the little farm was aswell but again you were waiting ages for the pony rides.
    Will try it out again


    We went to the zoo last weekend when my sister was visiting with her children and to be honest, we were disappointed because there was alotof construction going on and it was very noisy. We could not see the new baby gorilla or walk all the way around African plains because it was blocked off for the construction. I felt we should have been told this when we were paying in and been given a discount but we were not.

    Yesterday our kids absolutely loved Tayto Park, they did not want to leave after 4 hours. We will still go to the zoo every year because they do love it there but out of the two, we had a better time at Tayto Park and at the moment, I would choose that one and reckon so would my 3 little nippers.

    Might be good on a weekday when not so busy. We did not have to queue too much yesterday but we went quite early in the day so it was not too packed at that stage. Think a yearly pass a good idea. Might get one of those.


    We too, went just after DD’s birthday and it was great, really enjoyed it, it was busy but didn’t feel too crowded.
    We bought the annual pass, its now €120 (The more children you have the more expensive the annual pass is too!), you get free Tayto when you are leaving but with the annual pass its only on the first visit, which seems odd!

    DD loved it, and think we will well use the annual pass.


    Thats a bit of a rip off no Tayto after the first visit!!! I think someone said if you pay your 40e in and then want to buy the yearly pass they will deduct the 40 from the pass price


    Taylor think they were only doing that at the begining – I asked when we were there at Easter and was told not doing it anymore


    tayto park is a great place to bring the kids another place to go and so close…

    love the zoo, haven’t been down so far but must get going…

    the free crisps were only given at the start for annual pass holders as people were taking advantage and going everyday for crisps so they stopped annual pass holders from getting the crisps on every entry, the reason they give others crisps on way out is coz they have paid entry on that day…
    overall i think the value of the annual certainly is better than takin two trips….we’ve been about 4 times and already that’s the pass paid for….

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