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    Hi ladies,

    I would like to hear what were your concerns, worries or challenges when you were getting married .
    Maybe you are single and in the process of getting married – your comments would be very helpful too.

    This is a survey for my business Grow and Glow.

    Thank you for your time and interest.

    Enopi :


    My sister is getting married in July. She has managed to get her wedding reception, dress, suits, rings, flowers and honeymoon all for under 7,ooo euro. We are going to a beautiful small church for an intimate ceremony for just close family and friends – 50 of us altogether. Then we are heading to a really top market lovely 4 star hotel for dinner and dancing etc.

    I have helped her plan and cut costs the whole way through. I just don’t think you should be left with a huge bill for one day….she is enjoying the build up and I reckon we’ll have a great day…

    On the other hand, her best friend just put down a deposit of 5,000 euro for a wedding reception that is estimated to cost 21,500!!! That is without dress, suits, flowers or honeymoon etc. She is planning to have 250 guests for 100 a pop at the reception. She is not getting married until 2010 but is already stressed to the max about it.

    What has gone wrong with us that weddings have become all about show and money when really it is about two people cementing their love and celebrating afterwards with their friends and family.

    You can have a beautiful day to cherish but it does not have to cost the earth!!!


    I think people do go OTT. My anniversary yesterday, we got married 4 years ago and had 35 people and total cost was about €4000. All of my relatives that attended said it was the best wedding they were ever at, the ceremony was so personal and they go to speak because of the way we had the tables laid out for the meal, they got to speak to everyone.

    Less is more as far as i was concerned. As long as you enjoy yourself thats all the matters, there is always going to be someone to complain. We got married in June, i ordered my flowers over the phone and only knew what i got the morning of the wedding. Realise a week before the wedding i forgot to order my cake. I got itin the end, but in reality i could have got married without them, they are not whats important, for me anyway.

    One pointer which when you think about its really good. Our priest said to us about the wedding mass booklet, you know the way, you print hundreds of these up for your guests at the mass. We he told us not to bother to print 1 for him and 1 for the readers, that way all of our guys would pay attention and be focused on the ceremony rather than reading through the book to see when it will all end. Its true and all of our guests agreed.

    In the end we are all different and all have our ideal wedding, what suits one doesnt suit another.

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