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    This is really upsetting me….

    The bishop in Limerick, who has been shown to have ignored reports of clerical abuse, is still not being made accountable for his lack of actions. He turned a blind eye to the horrors children were put through and now thats its all come out and he has been shown to have been negligent – he has still not resigned.

    I don’t understand why it should be his choice. In my mind, he should be brought up on criminal charges for not reacting and doing something to stop the abuse that he knew was going on.

    On Sunday he asked his congregation to pray for him – To pray for him!!! Not the innocent children whose precious lives were ruined. No, he was more worried about his career.

    Now he is off to Rome to see the pope for a chat and he may or may not resign. Does anyone else think this is completely and utterly wrong?

    I’m sorry but I just don’t think this is good enough. The church should have sacked him straight after that report came out but instead he’s off to Rome where he will be having a chat about what the pope called this ‘sorry’ situation.

    It makes me feel sick to hear about him on the radio and news. I am not saying he was a perpetrator himself but he knew about it and let it go on and thats nearly as bad.

    Even if he just loses his job, he should consider himself lucky because I think he should be arrested.

    It is a disgrace.


    Until some sort of mandatory reporting is introduced this type of situation will happen again and again…to allow abuse to continue is as bad as to carry out the abuse itself…children rely on adults to protect them, all this "man" did was protect the evil perpetrators..I just hope that lessons will be learned from this disgusting time…priests, bishops etc are not infallible…some are great people and some are pure evil…sadly some abused their positions of power and have tarnished the image of the Catholic Church which they are hiding behind…this can only be rectified if the Pope actually holds them accountable so that we can have some level of trust and respect in them again…


    I think he should be a man and resign asap… he is as guilty as the guy who did the crime. i seen a guy on the tv about 3 weeks ago, think it was the founder of one n four. He was down in Ferns and told how a priest had been reported to the bishop, the bishop moved this priest to another position… he was moved to a school, where he abused kids as young as 8 for years and years!!!!! How was this allowed to happen?
    Well it happened as the Church was funding schools and had the government in their back pockets, they (the government) said nothing as it would have been biting the hand that feeds you, plus there was a respect of the church thats not there now….. there were major cover ups the garda knew what was going on but in Good old catholic Ireland it was all brushed under the carpet…
    Anyone still alive should be fecked in jail and let the fecker rot!!!!! No matter how old, 80, 90 what ever…. do the crime pay the time
    Can i get a refund on my christening ❓ 😆 😆 😆



    He should be sacked and, anyone whos is still alive should be brought to justice and face mandtory jail.
    Not all priests are bad people, but the Catholic church has been badly affected by all of these scandals that seem to be uncovered week after week. As was said, anyone who knew this was happening and allowed it to happen should also face jail time for there actions or inactions in the scandal.

    In my view the very least that should happen now is that the Pope should come to Ireland and apologise to all of the people affected and the people of Ireland.

    The government should not pay any compensation to the victims, assets owned by the church should be taken off them and redistributed to the people who were affected by this. Know money will not help, particularly those who have unfortunatley committed suicide. But the church relies heavily on it’s wealth, and it should be done just to hit them hard where it hurts.

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