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    First time on this forum/site and really really hoping I can get some local advice.. I live in Bettystown and am demented trying to find a reliable cleaner once a week……

    I had a lovely Latvian girl with me for nearly a year but she went back to college so that was that. I decided to go with a company then so that I wouldn’t be let down and had them for a few months until last Friday when there was a total no-show and no-one from the company answered their phone.

    Decided to ring another number for a company that had dropped its leaflet through the door.. spoke to a lovely professional lady who made an appointment to see the house tonight at 7.30pm to see the place and find out what had to be done on a weekly/monthly basis. Company was more expensive but heck I thought I was getting reliability. Well 7.30pm has been here and gone and needless to say another ‘no-show’… and again the phone wasn’t answered the 5 times I called to enquire as to what was happening.

    Apart from the total shock of company’s being so flippin’ blasé I am in a dilemma now. I work full-time so a house cleaner, once a week, is a total must.. it is not a luxury if yo uknow what I mean… I would dearly love to hear from anyone who would either be interested or would be able to recommend where I could go to talk to someone aboutgetting someone… sorry for the long note.. feel like I am going mad!


    my mil has a girl who cleans for her once a week on a friday and she seems to be happy with her, i’ll have a word and see if she is able to take on another cleaning job i’ll find out and get back to you she lives in bettystown…..


    oh scole thanks for the reply… let me know,


    Just seen your name and couldnt resist saying hello, love that name!!

    Good luck with finding a reliable cleaner I believe they are like golddust…..

    Has anyone looked at, they advertise on mumstown and I am not too sure if they offer general housecleaning but think they do but also lots of other help for all the extra busy working mums…..check out their website for list of what they can do……..


    Thanks moonflower… yep I am really struggling to find someone…. I know if I wasn’t actually looking for a cleaner I’d see advertisements flying all over the place. Anyway, thanks for replying.


    when i was first a sahm i decided i would find a couple of house cleaning jobs as a way of earning a bit of money for myself, but then i realised i am the slowest cleaner ever, so how i could possibly clean someones house for them!! so never gave that particular option a go………..

    Surely someone on here must do house cleaning as a way of earning a bit of money???


    hiya snuggles……i asked her if she was available for more house cleaning she has a few jobs already does does them while her son’s at school and isn’t taking on anymore she said she’d ask around….how about putting a note up in supervalue(londis)



    No worries girls – thanks for all your help anyway. I will definitely put a notice up in Supervalu. Thanks again – really appreciated.


    Hi I have an excellent latvian cleaning company – I can give you the girls number if you pm me


    snuggles found a woman for you she does ironing too she lives in bettystown 0871200290 her name is Tricia

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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