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    was planing of taking my sons there soon but now Im discouraged as my first 3 are probably too old for it lol, but my 2 year old might like it.


    Hey, don’t know it any of you have been but just wanted to say we went at the weekend & its not really worth going unless you are under 2!.

    Firstly it is very overpriced for adults (under 3’s go free).It is very small (you can see every fish in under a half an hour), quite claustrophobic in places. It is so narrow in places it was hard to manoeuvre the buggy. Also at the exit there are 2 flights of stairs (no lift) that the buggy had to be carried up, (not wheelchair accessible).

    Hailey liked it & was saying hello fish & bye fish as we went from tank to tank but that’s about as much fun as I got out it!.

    We did however have a nice walk on the promenade in Bray &got yummy chipper chips & a 99!.we also went in the arcades & lost a few euro trying to win Hailey a teddy!.


    Chips & ice-cream – yum!!!!

    My kids quite liked it when they went with their Nana last year but they had buy one get one free passes, so it did not work out too dear for them. If you can go on an offer, maybe its better value – like on Tesco vouchers?

    At least Hailey liked it but its very bad form about the stairs…that’s crazy in this day & age!


    We stayed near Bray recently and went to Clara Lara and was planning to go to the Sea life centre on the way home… but after reading some reviews, we decided not to – looks like we made the right decision!

    I can’t understand places that over charge for what they offer, they are not doing themselves any justice.


    There’s an offer on back of dunnes receipts at moment, think its 2 children free with each adult. We stayed in Wicklow last week & were going to go on way home but when i looked up website for prices, i saw if you book in advance online there’s a great reduction, think its 25 – 30% so doesn’t work out too bad then. What did you think of Clara Lara? We thought it was fantastic went last Tuesday, had a brilliant day.


    I had seen that offer alright on the back of Dunnes receipts but my daughter is under 3 so she was free anyway.

    I think if adult prices were €5 that would be more than enough as you literally do very well if you managed to spend more than 45 minutes in the place!.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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