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    Yummy Yummy Mummy………….

    Hi, I am back…. my other post got mistakingly deleted and so I thought i should re post and mention my favourite subject – Reflexology!!

    What can Reflexology do for you…….

    Improve Sleep patterns
    Relax you, baby and shorten labour times during pregnancy
    Relieve Back Problems
    Help with fertility issues
    Regulate hormonal problems
    Great way to relax and help stress levels
    Give you an energy boost
    Have a much needed hour or so for you

    Lots more benefits, if you are anyway interested please pm me or reply to this post……

    Thanks for reading,



    Whats happened with the Yummy Mummy thread, no one posts on it anymore…..have we not got time to be Yummy!!


    😆 😆

    never bother myself really and i know i should, that was one of my resolutions 😆


    still ahve to get to grips with the whole touching the feet….taylor highly reccommends it though….gonna treat myself to a facial thatnks to a friend and also a hair do thanks to my mil…..and weight loss thanks to hopefully me getting my ass in gear…..


    same here, never treat myself or pamper myself…….Dh gave me a voucher for La Spa for christmas last year and lost the value of it coz they said it expired after 6 months and I was trying to spread it out over year and was saving most of it til the summer and when i went to use it they said it had expired!!……..that left a very bad taste in my mouth re the pamper side of things!!!

    I am going to be a yummy grandmummy, dont have time now to pamper me but one day i will make up for it!!!


    That very bad form, only 6 months!!!!! That cant be right…. did you not argue the issue with them?


    Seemingly shops cannot say a voucher has expired… as they have already received the cash, so how can it go out of date? Which is a point, but 6 months is ridiculously short for a voucher.


    I did but it was printed on voucher expires after 6months in small print and I was so pleased with my voucher that i never even noticed the expiry date, coz as you say I didnt feel it could go out of date…….

    I had a very bad experience with them to do with to do with something else, the owner was very very rude to me but I wouldnt fault the treatments or the place itself just the customer service…..

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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