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    Hi. Thinking of going down the private route for Speech and Language Therapy for my little boy. We want to have him seen as soon as we can as he is not saying very much. Does anybody have any recommendations for therapists in or near Louth and also any idea on costs involved. Thanks


    Hi Mommycakes,

    We’ve been through a worrying speech concern with our son too, so have an idea how you are feeling.

    Can I ask what age is he? And, have you taken him to your local Public Health Nurse? The PHN can help get a referral to a specialist, if necessary.

    There are some speech exercises you can do with him at home – have you read up on it? The library and local health centre may have some books that can give you some ideas for improving his speech.

    Our son was very slow to talk and we were quite worried about him and took him to see the PHN and they said to hang on a while before going to a therapist and luckily enough, within a few months he was flying. He still had a few word issues, like saying a ‘t’ where a ‘k’ should be but once he got into school, this worked itself out. Now he is a yappy little fella who speaks 2 languages and sings alot of the time.

    It was an issue for us but with boys, sometimes they are not as quick with their language as girls and it can be worrying.

    Your PHN should be able to give you some advice on how many words roughly he should have for his age – it might be worth a call to see them first before going any further?

    HTH, good luck.


    Thanks Sabbi, he was two in February and says about 20 things – like ‘I did it’ and ‘there you go’. The PHN put him on the list for therapy just before Christmas and we’d rather not wait for an appointment if we could avoid it. I have read up on things to do at home and have started to take him to a play group. I know that he isn’t saying as much as he should for his age and it doesn’t help that his big sister was exceptionally ahead of herself. Thanks for your reply, I might just go back to the PHN anyway and see if she thinks that I need to consider private therapy at this stage.


    Do you have a number for the clinic he was referred to? You can call them up and ask if they can put you on a cancellation list too, if you want a speedy appt. They may call and ask you to come at short notice but it is one way to get seen quicker and avoid big bills. HTH


    That’s a good idea Sabbi, I’ll see if I can get the number for the clinic. Thanks


    HI ya

    You were lucky to have noticed that your son was slow to chat, we had the same problem but realised at 3 he should be saying sentences, I went to Haymarket for 6 wks programme and found them hopeless.The therapist was from the North and the diction was difficult to understand.

    Our son is now 5 and we went to a private speech therapist in Swords their fee 125euro for an hr we went for 4 months and the confidence and the stride he made in a short time is fantastic, he had low self esteem and no confidence. We bought a childrens favourite travelling car songs read snow white and Goldiloicks and get him to tell us the story in his own words,

    Like yourself thankGod he ready for school also I had to speak slowly sometimes I spoke too fast to him.

    The best of luck Im sure when he starts school there willl be no stopping him.


    Yvonne. 😯

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