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    I was booked to go privately to OLOL. However, I now have to have a planned c-section. I have had just one visit privately with obs to date. So am wondering is it actually worth my while going privately now as cost is huge. However, I would like to try to get this particular obs to do cs even if I were to go public. Does anyone know if you can request to be on a particular consultants ‘books’ as such when opting to go public, or are you just assigned any obs. Also has anyone ever changed over early on from private to public obs led care?

    Thanks so much,



    Yep, you can request it but its not guaranteed. If you are having a c-section you will be well looked after whether you go public or private. Its a lot of money and maybe could be better spent on the baby? Thats just my opinion though because I went private and felt it was a total waste of money. I should have gone public and bought a new sofa instead!


    Yep I think the same as Sabbi that you can request but there is no guarantee.

    I went private on my two and preferred it as I build up a good rapport with my consultant.. as my gp said they difference between public and private is the care you get before baby is born, as either way your baby will be born safly.


    I went public on my two, i asked for a consultant and i got her, she didnt perform my section but she was there until she got the all clear that it had gone well, she opened the door and said "You dont need me now, goodbye im off home" I didnt realise she was hanging around in case i had the same problems as i did on my first.

    I seen her at every visit even though i was public but thats because of my history


    Thanks ladies for your replies.

    Just wondering if I were to get the obs that I request under public care, as its a planned c-section what would be the chance of this obs doing the section ? I know he said he ‘operates’ i.e. planned cs, on two certain days of the week.

    mmm, hard to justify the cost at the moment, when every penny counts!!

    Thanks again,



    I would think if are under his or her and the section is planned, then they should be doing the section.. if its an unplanned section, it could be however is on call.


    If planned then it would be him doing it, I had two sections in the public care and i had the best of care and all for FREE!!! A friend of mine was shocked that i was having ds1 public, she said she couldnt understand why i wouldnt spend my money and if anything went wrong i would have to live with that for the rest of my life!! Those private doctors must be very good 😆 😆 😆 I got too see the doctor i wanted on the public list and i had no complaints at all


    We went private accidently on DD! My GP at the time rang for my first appointment and it would have when I was about 18/19 weeks and I didn’t want to wait that long! So she suggested private, we innocently assumed because we had VHI it would be free! However I went private again on DS because I felt happy meeting my doctor every time instead of seeing different people all the time.

    But that is just my experience, which is private, I do have nothing to compare it to!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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