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    Can I get some recommendations of where to go in New York, heading over in couple of weeks, can’t wait :D

    Been there once before a few yrs ago so have been to a few of the big attractions and want to plan for this trip and fit in as much as possible and some shopping aswell ;)

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    If the weather is mild enough, the boat trip that goes all around manhattan is great for getting an idea of everything there. The guide will point out various buildings as you go around and under all the bridges. Takes 3 hours, but good! For shopping, if you go to the port authority building you can get the bus to woodbury common, a huge outlet village. Before you go, check online for discount vouchers. You get a book of them when you get there but some online ones are even better (think I got levi 501 jeans for about €15!!)

    Where abouts are you staying Julymam?


    Woodbury is a must! You can buy a discount booklet for $10 when you get there, well worth it.

    Madame Tussauds is well worth a visit too..

    We stayed in the Hotel Wellington, it was a great location!


    Thanks guys, we’re staying with a friend over there 🙂 my auntie was telling me about a boat ride around Staten Island is that the one you’re talkin about F.C??

    Was in woodbury the last time, ws thinkin of trying Jersey Gardens this time…anyone been there? They seem to have a lot of the same shops and i’ve heard there’s no tax charged in jersey gardens whereas there is in w.c.

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    There’s a variety of different boat trip options, I believe the staten island one is good if you go onto it and do the tour, it shows a lot of history of people that immigrated from Ireland to usa.


    Did Jersey Gardens the last time 7 Woodbury the time before that. Much prefered Woodbury. JG just a MASSIVE shopping centrre, woodbury much more atmospheric… thats just me tho! Great bargains in both!


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    NY – is one of the best city breaks alright!

    I would definitely recommend you do a circle line boat tour, they are one of the best operators for the boat trips there! Also if you can squeeze in a broadway show, they are just amazing too, you can’t beat them.
    Shopping is a must and both Woodbury and Jersey gardens are great!

    Depending on who you are travelling with you can also do of course the "Sex and the City Tour", "top of the Rock Tour" (voted one of the best in NYC), "Super NY Tour", "Harbour lights Cruise", "Night on the town tour", "romance over Manhattan"…………and loads more!

    If you want more information on the above or would like to book any of these tours, please contact and she will certainly look after you!



    Thanks for the replies… 🙂

    Would love to do a broadway show, we didnt last time and its something we wanted to do but didnt make enough time

    Platinum what kind of tours do you do and prices? what is the ‘top of the rock’ tour? Do you book broadway shows aswell?

    Thanks 🙂


    Hi Julymam!

    The Top of the Rock is one of New Yorks newest attractions and I’ve given details below.

    We can also arrange theatre tickets and tickets to any tour and attraction in New York.

    If you want toPM me or email me advising how many of you are travelling, what dates and how long you’re staying and I can give you details of what’s going on at that time.

    Talk to you soon 🙂

    The Top of the Rock Tour was recently voted NUMBER ONE in a list of 1000 things to do in NYC by Time Out Magazine…!

    Enjoy the best views of New York City from the newly renovated 3-tiered observation deck. John D Rockefeller originally opened the open air, 70-storey high perch more than 70 years ago, he envisioned the Rockefeller Center to be the grandest shopping plaza ever.

    Begin your experience on the mezzanine level with a thrilling look back in time. You can actually ‘touch’ the past – from original artefacts to a ‘beam walk’ that simulates the experience of the construction workers more than 70 years ago. A high speed Summit Shuttle will then transport you to the three-storey viewing area whilst displaying a spectacular historical multimedia presentation inside. The views from all 3 levels of the deck are breathtaking. With its open air simplicity, complete 360-degree skyline, and crystal clear panels of glass showcasing the 80 mile view.

    This truly is the best way to marvel at this city from the Top of the Rock!

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