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    I know I am going to sound like a miserable old fuddy duddy here but bear with me. I recorded the BGT results show so I could watch it with my children yesterday – because, er, it is promoted as ‘A family show’

    Anyways, we sat down to watch yesterday evening and on came J-Lo wearing some sort of feathery concoction all over her top half an then, basically nothing on her bottom half.

    My 8 year old asked me ‘Mammy, where is her skirt?’ which indicates that she was wearing very little down there indeed. It looked bad enough from the front (it was so revealing, you could tell she had a Brazilian wax!) but when she turned around, it was like a G-string and practically showed about 90% of her arse.

    Then she flopped down on the ground and opened her legs and there was a full on shot of her and you could practically see everybit of her. My 8 year old shouted, ‘I can see her vagina’ at which point, I hit the fast forward button.

    Did anyone else see it? Did you think she went too far with her outfit?

    It was not even provacative, it was silly looking. She looked like she was giving herself a wedgie the whole way through her performance and at the end when she was talking to Ant & Dec, she had her hands covering herself, as if to protect her modesty (it was a bit late at that stage!)

    Am I being a moany cow or was this too much??


    I thought she was wearing WAY too little clothing too……& yep i agree with your daughter her lady bits were defo on show!.

    She is a very fit & toned woman but i think she would of looked so much better with more clothes on her.Ant & Dec looked in shock after the preformance 😆


    oh i’m so glad i didn’t record the results show now!!!!!!!!! we’ve been wathcing the first half with dd1 and she’s been going up about 8.10 and i’ve recorded the rest but neverbothered with results show – thank god 😉 – can’t help but laugh at the telling of the story but by the sounds of it she most definitely wearing way to little especially as you say for a "family" show! sounds totally tasteless

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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