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    Hi there,

    Two things that I have come across lately that everyone should be aware of if you use a computer:

    1) An email from your bank advising you that your account had been limited and to log in to confirm that you are the account holder – some have links to follow other do not. This is a scam and they are trying to get access to your bank account details.

    2) Nasty little virus that pops up on your screen – first if you do not have dbcapture setup, it will ask you to pick a device, it will then take your picture, before finally putting a notice on your screen from An Garda Siochana in Irish – basically saying that you have broken some law and you must pay. Do not pay this!!! This actually got past our corporate anti-virus software and managed to shut it down.

    If you do get a virus, the most difficult thing to do is to get control of your pc back. This virus prevents all the usual things that you would try to sort your pc:

    1) Task manager is not accessible
    2) Logging in using safe mode or safe mode with networking will not work – it will shut down your pc again


    1) Attempt to shutdown – the pc will list the programs currently running – it will attempt to shut down these programs. The first thing that it shuts down is the virus. Once it does this, click to cancel shutdown – this might take a few attempts as you have to be really quick!!
    2) Once you have control back – you need a different anti virus software as the one you have has just failed miserably!!! superantispyware professional is available for a free trial on the internet. Install this and do a quick scan – I found that any other type is just too much for a pc and will cause your pc tocrash(Leading you to log in again and start up the virus!!)

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