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    super minder

    im in a second hand house and doing room by room and moneys tight a bit as with everyone eles.
    i went to b and q up in newry
    got wooden floor for my dinning room with tine ends in brass x4 and glue
    wonderful black tiles for my consertree .
    a slide saw with was half price for my better half .
    a mop and bucket.
    a wonderful flower basket for mum for next week
    lamp shade for my sons room

    there having a 10% sale on top of reduced price got the whole lot for 389 sterling i ask the man at the till if it was right he laughted and said that it your from the south . the same wooden floor i price in drogheda cost on its own nearly 400 euros. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    im so happy so is other half. sale end today xxxxxxxxx

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