How often do you change your bedsheets?

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    If it was up to my husband, it would once a month at best! But I like to change them once a week – if I had more time I would change them every 3-4 days but my washing machine wouldn’t be able to cope with it!

    I was not as fussy about it when I was younger but as I get older and appreciate my sleep more, I like to be in a freshly made bed!


    I try to change them every 2 weeks- I think it’s enough- the kids are still small (no sweaty teenagers yet!) and we’ve a super-king so it’s too hard to change ours more often 😳


    Ii change mine nd pillowcases every week nd duvet cover every 1 to 2 wks if warm weather like we hav had I change more often.wen I go away always hav clean bed stuff on to come bk 2 nd xmas eve put clean bed stuff on,my mum always did this so spose got frm her. 🙂


    Yeah about every two weeks, its a task I hate doing!!

    Love to come home from a break to clean bedclothes.. and love when they are dried outside, can’t beat that fresh smell!


    i changed all ours yesterday and though its a pain in backside type of job to do, it was so lovely getting in a fresh bed last night.

    wish there was a little fairy who could come and do this every week for me!


    i actually don’t mind changing mine it’s the washing and ironing that’s a pain- totally agree yvonne nothing beats lovely fresh bedclothes that have been dried outside

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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