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    Hi All,

    We have had thet stressing days of our lives. We went to bed Thursday Night , my dh got up at 6am to discover our front door open WE WERE ROBBED. :evil: :evil: :shock: :cry:
    The buggers took a Brand New Nintendo Wii , Numchuck , wii fit all still in the box and Smyths bag, Laptop, my work mobile, Brand new kodak Camera and a bottle of Moet Champagne we had both for our anniversary on Monday.
    Girls I was sick :( thought I was goin to have a heart attack, the thoughts of someone in our house while we were alseep upstairs.
    The buggers got in our bathroom window down stairs and went out the front door. we did not hear a thing.
    We called the guards they did there bit and we reported it to the insurance company.

    Just wondering does anyone have experience with making a claim to insurance companies etc :roll:


    oh my god the f ecking scum bags… im so sorry this has happend to you’s hhope they find whodone it 👿 👿 👿 👿


    OMG thats shocking Im sure your both in bits, but what was taken is insured and you’ll get sorted. Thank God neither of you woke.

    The insurance will send someone out and just go over the story, they will contact the garda and confirm the robbery but thats about it.

    Your loss is a warning to us all, Im very relaxed about locking the doors and windows at night but we do have a dog so that helps a bit.
    Hope you get sorted soon and it doesnt sour you anniversary gifts too much


    OH MY GOD, Alison. that is terrible. you must be in an awful state.

    Mam and Dads house was broken into a few years ago and they had to give insurance company a list of things that were taken and receipts if they had them, if not an estimate of what they cost.

    Its one of my biggest fears and one of the reasons why i dont bring my car keys upstairs. if someone is going to break in to rob my car keys then i dont want them to have to search for them upstairs. Thankfully they did not physically harm you or your family. Whoever did this to you are totall scumbags and hopefully they will be caught.


    Ed your so right about the car keys, I know a girl (and her dh) would let their car keys on their bedside lockers. As you say some scum bag broke in and they woke with two guys in their bedroom 😯
    I leave my keys downstairs, take the car if you want to its insured


    we also dicovered that they took 2 1 tlr bottles of smirnoff ice from the fridge along with the champagne.
    I am so gutted over them taking the camera , all the picutres from our holidays and dd 2nd birthday party are on it.

    There are real scumbags out there.

    everyone keeps asking why did you not hear them.
    I am a very heavey sleeper and we sleep with our door closed.

    I am gald we did not hear them as if we approached them or made them aware we were awake they could have come up stairs and attacked us. It does not bare thinking about 🙄


    Alison, that is terrible to wake up to – I’m sure it did give you an awful scare, with any luck they will find whoever done this to you.


    Alison my friends house was robbed years ago, her parents were asleep and so was she. Her dad woke up with the smell of food in the house, he just thought J had come in after a night on the tiles and cooked herself something……. but itwasnt the guy/s who robbed their house went to the fridge and fried Steak, mushrooms and onions for themselves.

    You might find in weeks to come you’ll still find thinks that were stolen.
    I had a camera robbed on me, I had photos of christmas and my dads 60th birthday, I didnt realise how precious they really were untill my dad died only a few months later 😥 😥 😥 😥


    Alison, that is horrid. My heart goes out to you. Sadly I know that feeling all too well as growing up our house in South African was broken into a few times (twice with us in the house). Thank God you were not harmed and slept through it all. The photos are terrible to have lost but the rest is replaceable. I sincerely hope they catch the scumbags that did this 👿 Have a GOOD look around before you fill in your insurance claim as you don’t want to miss anything and Taylor is right you could discover things in a few weeks if you don’t look around now.

    I know forgiving is a better way to go, but I do hope they choke on the champagne.


    our neighbour who lives on his own well he is 3 doors up his house was broken into last night the exact same as us. Drink , food and a digital Camera was taken.
    We reckon it is someone in the area and they can see our houses as there is townhouses and duplexs overlooking us .
    I seen to dodgy guuys earlier waking around I got snaps of them on the mobile and have printed off the pictures. I never seem them before but I know I seen them around midweek last week iykwim 😈


    Really sorry to hear this news Alison.Its such an awful thing to have to happen. Hope you are coming through it now? but be careful as it can take a whiel for it to hit home so look after yourself.

    I leave 2 of my dogs in kitchen and one in hallway every night now,so that if anyone breaks in or tries to break in have all entrances covered…i sleep much better knowing this as DH often works nights..but even if u do hear anyone downstairs you shoudl really just stay put & try & call guards from upstairs…wouldnt dream of confronting them….

    Glad you were all okay Alison….

    Moonflower xxx


    Hi Alison, hope your OK hun, this is awful, they are the lowest of the low 😈

    Sending you big hugs ((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


    my god so sorry to hear what happend only thing is that it broke a bigger cross you guys are safe that’s the main thing…..i leave keys in the hallway wallet etc so if they want anythign they can have it as long as they don’t come near me,…..we got a safe a year ago have it bolted in a cupboard, we have passports bank books house insurance details etc in it so if we get robbed or house goes on fire we have something, was cheap enough too for adding abit of extra insurance and piece of mind……

    the other thing is if you watch how to beat the burgular they say that if you have gates have them closed every night and have alarm box on display and set everynight, they say that if a burgular sees that you’re gates are closed they think well too much hassle if they have gone to this extent of closing gates how much more hae they gone to in order to secure their house…dunno if true but god thinking of what happened to you you guys are lucky they stayed downstairs they must have been watching ya as they knew what they wanted….


    The garda that lives beside me said if you have a dog the chance of your car or house being broken into as slashed to almost nil, its even more of a deterent then an alarm.


    we have a dog and an alarm .
    We did not have the alrm set as the dog kept setting it off in the middle of the night hitting her arse off the back door 😕 so we stopped setting it. She normally goes balistic if she hears anything odd but I reckon they were just so quiet she slept thru it all.(she sleeps outside.
    My Mam made gates for us and hung them last week. 😀 , my mam is a charlie simmock except better 😀 😀 Eircom phonewtach are coming out Thursday to upgrade our alarm etc.
    We still have no idea who did it.
    The house insurance crowd are paying out on nealry everything excpet what we dont have recepits for , as I said who keeps them , BUT I WILL FROM NOW ON 🙄

    Thanks for all your support girls:wink:

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