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    Although it’s not my area and something you would do through your solicitor (yes, there are some DIY options, but for the relatively small price, better to be sure that you haven’t overlooked anything!) I constantly see nightmare situations where had there been a will in place, things would have been so much easier.

    If you don’t have a will in place and there is a fatality, the succession rights act of 1965 kicks in and it may not lead to what you would have intended! Arguments over guardianship of children, long delays and arguments waiting for probate, are just some of the issues that arise.

    To be honest, besides the "we’ll get around to it at some stage" train of thought, disagreement over who to appoint as guardians of children is probably one of the biggest reasons that people don’t get around to it!

    I would strongly advise anybody who does not have a valid will in place to arrange an appointment with their solicitor sometime this year (or if a will is out of date, for example done when single, get it updated!) With a will, two primary things are chosen by you and not the state. 1. Who will look after your children, and 2. How your assets are distributed.



    My Will is out of date!! I keep saying i need to update it…. maybe a group mumstown will night @ a discount 😆 😆 😆

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    I’m sure it could be arranged Taylor! There are often "Will Weeks", usually organised by a host of charities, where they get a number of solicitors to agree to do wills for a reduced fee in the hope that the people making the wills might at the same time, leave something in their will to one of the charities (they’re not obliged to but it is hoped!).

    I’m sure if enough people were interested, it wouldn’t be hard to get a solicitor or group of solicitors to agree a reduced fee 😉

    We could never decide on which family members to appoint as guardians but after years of discussions we agreed that the most appropriate guardians in our case was not family but close friends who knew our kids well and raised their own similarly. (Of course, that was after failing to sell them for scientific research! 😆 😆 )


    Typical! The last thing you said last year after reviewing our stuff and saving us quite a bit on monthly premiums, was recommending that we make a will. What was my answer?? "We’ll arrange that in the next week or two". Did we? No 😯 🙄 😳

    A year later and if something happened to the two of us, I have no idea who the state would choose from our families to look after my son 😳

    Okay, phone call to solicitor this morning to arrange.


    No I don’t have a will..but I do have a grave 😯


    Appointment made and details agreed at last!

    I feel much better now (and less guilty 😳 )


    I am always talking about this and yet never get around to actually sorting one out! Would anyone recommend a good solicitor in Drogheda please?


    There’s one listed on the right Polly but you’ll have no problem getting one.

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