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    And last week I was in a local shopping centre and I was walking towards the lift as people got in and the woman pushed the button and let it close in my face! I actually called ‘hold up please’ and she looked at me and pushed the button to close the door,

    There is a lack of manners and decency in so many people out there.

    I think we are all so fed up with the way things have gone in this country and its easy to be snappy but it gets you nowhere, we are better off being nice to one another. :(


    I just have to ask – why is it that people standing waiting to get into a lift block the way of people trying to get out?

    When I am waiting on a lift, I stand aside to let the people exiting get past me. I do not stand in their way or barge my way in, while they are still in there!

    Today I was coming out of a lift and a woman with a walker ran straight into me and ran it over my toe!

    The other day, I had my toddler and a woman stood right in my way and actually elbowed me on her way into the lift, as I was walking out carrying my toddler no my hip.

    Slow down people – its not that important to be the first person in there!!! This seems to happen all the time to me – anyone else??

    So rude. 👿


    I find it is the same withgetting off a bus or the dart………people are just annoying! 😆 I mean no one can be in that much of a hurry all the time

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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