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    Need I say more Tracy?
    I’m finding it hard to make the decision, I’ve found the OLOL are quite supportive no matter what I want so of course that’s made it worse for me :lol:
    There’s pros and cons with both I find.
    I just don’t want a trial of labour to end in a section because that will be more traumatic.
    By the way ,first time I was sectioned because waters broke at 37 wks, after 2 days in hospital labour didn’t start, was given prostin gel twice, fast contractions began and baby went into distress. Turned out cord was round neck twice and head was at awkard angle. I didn’t dilate at all.
    Do you have any advice for me if I go early, considering this labour would be my ‘first’. ie.very long and maybe not progress well? Or would an elective be simpler?


    It’s such a tough decision to make.

    The good news is that because you’re a vbac mum you won’t be left to labour for 2 days! They’ll expect your labour to progress with a certain amount of time – and if it doesn’t at least you won’t have had 2 days of labour before surgery – that would make for a much longer recovery.

    I would say see how you go. The recovery after a vbac is like night and day compared to a cesarean so in that respect vbac wins hands down as you’ll be taking care of your DD and a newborn.

    An elective does take away some of the uncertainty of when you’ll go into labour etc and for some mums gives you a feeling of control. It does seem simpler because you have a date and it’s relatively quick but elective cesareans bumps up your baby’s risk of having to go to special care for respiratory distress as well as the additional complications for you.

    First labours aren’t always long – and there’s lots you can do to stack the deck in your favour of having a great vbac.

    Live in the bath at home and in the Lourdes….it’s fantastic for pain relief
    Take a yoga class and/or learn some hypnobirthing to get rid of the fear and boost your confidence.
    Talk through your options with the staff so you know exactly what their expectations are.

    At the end of the day the decision that feels best for you will be the right one….everyone will have a different opinion.

    Hope you have a great experience no matter which way your little one arrives.




    Thanks Tracy,
    Part of me wouldn’t mind leaving things and seeing how I progress if I go into labour early but sort of get the feeling that the hospital want me to make a decision one way or the other.
    I’ll talk to them again at my next appointment and maybe see if I can defer decision til much later!
    Unfortunately I have SPD so the yogas a bit impossible. I did find though last time when the contractions started that when I was focused I found breathing through them fine. Only when things started going wrong the pain sort of took me by surprise. I’ll let you know over next few months what I decide anyhow 🙂


    The Lourdes doesn’t have a vbac policy (yet !) so it varies depending on who you talk to if you’re private….tbh you probably have a better chance of vbac if you’re public.

    The breathing definitely helps you keep your focus 🙂

    Best of luck !!



    I’m am public! Thats why I’m maybe finding it hard, no one has steered me or tried to direct me so thats why I can’t make my mind up. Keep seeing different people each time so don’t know who’ll be there at the labour.
    A little bit daunting but sure I’ll be grand. All the midwives there were great last time and they do most of the work!
    Probably the lack of vbac policy is giving me the unsure vibes.
    Thanks again 🙂


    Maybe I can persuade you to get involved in the consumer group next year and help us develop a vbac policy 😉

    Feel free to ring me if you’ve any questions.


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