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    Hi Ladies,
    I’m researching a feature on fertility and dieting/eating disorders. Reality TV star Chantelle Houghton has been told by doctors that years of crash dieting may have left her infertile.
    Wondering if anyone has experienced fertility issues related to dieting (missed periods, polycystic ovaries, etc) – or overcome the fertility issues associated with eating disorders to go on and have a baby?
    If you’re happy to share by PM, would love to hear from you.


    Not to be bad but I wonder if this is the latest attempt by Chantelle to get herself some publicity??? She is not the skinniest girl – sure she has been up and down with her weight but she never looked like a lollipop lady so I wonder if she really did serious damage to herself or if she is inflating the truth to garner some sympathy????

    Her chances of conceiving will depends on how her menstrual cycle is. Has she stopped having periods and if so, could it have something to do with her recent abusive relationship (as she claimed it was) and not her eating habits? I would say stress is more a threat to her than dieting, she seems a very panicky girl.

    I had polycystic ovaries in my 20’s. Have been through 4 operations – 3 keyhole and the last one open like a c-section, to remove the cysts. The last op they removed a cyst the size of a grapefruit and took a part of my ovary along with it, as it was all tangled up together. Was told by the doc afterwards that we may not be able to have children but luckily a year later, found out I was pregnant.

    Have been blessed to be pregnant 6 times in 9 years. Sadly we lost 2 along the way but are due to have our 4th baby in a few weeks time and hopefully all will go well.

    Doctors can give advice and warnings about fertility but they are not always 100% right. A good diet, exercise and relaxation techniques can all help with fertility. That’s what worked for us.


    Well, it’s Chantelle and she does have a column in heat.. so you could be on to something 😉
    Best of luck with baby 4.


    Only just seen this post now & cant comment on the Chantelle situation as havent read anything about it…but i do put some of my Napro sucess story down to the special diet i was on..

    I was tested for food intolerances & had to give up a vast range of foods & altogether eat a lot healthier..cutting out most processed food etc…i strongly believe it paid a big part…

    so i would say yes at other end of coin, abusing your body by crash diets ^ denying body of much needed nutrients probably does have some affect on fertility….but more than likely only if a problem of some kind already exists…

    i have always had for years excrutiating joint pain & have tried many supplements to relieve this but it was only when I cut out dairy from my diet that my joint pain disappeared!! oh & i got pregnant 🙂

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