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    Am still changing her nappys around about the same as usual & shes sleeping much the same too.

    Its just so unlike her not to be interested in food.

    Sabbi how long did this last with your kids?


    Please help as I’m getting to my wits end over this.

    Hailey is usually a great little eater & usually demolishes everything in site including (fruit,Veg,fish,meat,chicken,snacks,yogurts etc) but for this past week now all she will take is her bottle.She gets 4 bottles a day (120ml in the day & 150ml last bottle of day).I would also give her water if its a hot day.

    What happens is as soon as the spoon now approaches her mouth she clamps it shut & will not open it under any circumstances unless the bottle approaches.

    I just dont know what to do…ive tried just giving her finger foods so she can feed herself & giving her a spoon aswell,making a big fuss of her everytime she does eat even a morsel but nothing is making any difference.

    Family have said maybe she is teething & her mouth is sore but usually when she is teething her cheeks are hot to touch & bright red,there is no sign of this.

    Any advice greatly appreciated….as apart from worrying about her i am starting to get so frustrated that all this food that i spend ages making from scratch is ending up in the bin.


    They do go through phases of just not eating very much – we’ve been through it with all ours as babies. is she having plenty of wet & dirty nappies? is she sleeping ok?

    If you are worried, pop into your local pharmacy for some advice or if you are really worried maybe take her to her GP?


    we’ve had this too with both ours – more so dd2, she’d just clamp the mouth shut – we used to trick her i know sounds mean but we found with her that sometimes it was just getting the first mouthfull in and then she’d be fine.
    As sabbi says if nappys are normal and she’s sleeping normal and still taking bottle she’ll be ok – hopefully just a phase and not last too long, very frustrating though when you’ve made the food etc… you know ours are 5.5 & 3 now and will still go through phases when they pick and other days we’re hard pushed to keep them fed.


    This is happening with our 1 year old now!! She is off her food and is just really taking bottles. I made her lemon sole last night with green beans and she would normally wolf that down but she pushed it around her plate and was not interested in it.

    For lunch today I tried her with chicken & rice and she turned away and then I tried ham, cheese, tomato & bread but she turned that down too. She just took a full bottle and seems ok, she is just a little out of sorts and is having runny nappies.

    This can last a week or a few weeks haileysmum – it depends on what is bothering them, it could be teething or it could be too warm and that might be putting them off their food.

    Its frustrating, especially when food is so expensive and it makes you worry about them and why they are not eating but usually it passes after a few weeks.

    As long as she is hydrated and not losing weight I would not worry too much – it is most likely a phase and she will be back to normal in a few weeks but, if you are worried, maybe go see your local public health nurse? they are there to help with things like this.

    Also, maybe you could introduce her to some new foods – we just got our baby girl on to melon and she loves it, she sucks and chews a slice for ages and its great for hydrating her – even if she does actually eat that much of it.


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