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    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone does Curves in Drogheda (across from the bus depot).

    How much is it?
    Is there a nice atmosphere and are the trainers nice and helpful?

    I’ve never done anything like it and need a bit of help to shift the few pounds before the summer.

    Thanks a mill


    I did it in Ashbourne a couple of years ago and transferred to Drogheda when it was on Termonfeckon Road. It was much the same price as a gym, it didnt work for me, didnt lose anything and i was going 3-4 times per week. A few friends have done it and it worked for them.

    To be honest, put your runners on, ipod in ears and head for a walk, its what works for me and soo much cheaper. Think of the time to drive to and from curves and your 20-30 mins there, you could have 4-5 km walked in that.


    It depends on what you want to achieve… Ive always been in gyms and joined curves a few months before my wedding, i found it was great – in and out and my friend went with me so it worked out well. I lost inches more than weight but its all good!

    The reason i left was that i got a bit board with the circuit trainig after 9 months, it gets a bit repetitive and I missed the pool so I joined a regular gym

    I cant vouch for the one at the bus station as ive never been in it but i did go to the old one above the statiol garage in mell (did it move?) and that was very well run and the girls were lovely.


    Thanks for the replies girls. Think I will leave it as a few people have said about the boredom setting in after a few months and also I think having to pass my house on way home from work to get to curves makes me less likely to go.

    Think the runners and ipod option is best, especially with the current nice weather.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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