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    Does anyone have any suggestions regarding a gift for the staff in the creche? I’m paying high feesand really can’t afford to spend too much but I do want to give a token of my appreciation. I was thinking about some money in a card towards their Xmas night out. Does that sound ok?


    that’s a lovely idea i’m just giving in a box of sweets to share and then the teacher something for herself….


    hi last year my dd only had the 2 minders & i got small hand cream sets for each of them with a box of sweets for the creche.
    This year however because she has changed rooms and still interacts with previous minders(they take her from me in the mornings) etc i just can’t buy for all so we made homemade cards for each of the main minders she has had this year & i’ll give a box of nice sweets & bottle of wine to go into the "box" – most creches put gifts into a box and split them between on the last day.

    the idea of contribution to xmas night is a good one too, i know one of the mammies did that in our creche

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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