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    OK, I am becoming obssessed and it’s disturbing me…

    In the summer, I had a lovely new kitchen put in and was delighted with it – Drogheda Kitchens incidentally if anyone is looking, lovely lovely lads, very very reasonable and not like typical tradesmen at all, they treat it more like a labour of love than a job. ANYWAY…They left me with a sparkling, shiny kitchen and now it’s looking distinctly dull in the stainless steel and hob dept so I am looking for any hints and tips to get the gleam back.

    What did ur mammy of granny always tell you? I’ve tried elbow grease, hob and stainless steel cleaners, praying and cursing but all to no avail! All suggestions gratefully received!

    Thanks a million!


    Baby Oil was always the one in our house and in my nanny’s house! i used to think my mam was mad using baby oil on the cooker and steel wall behind it!! however the always were shiny! and now im in my own house i find myself using the same thing and it works wonders!! keeps it so shiny!!! 😀


    ok, that’s tonight’s task then!


    Any more for any more?


    mine was baby oil too or son of a gun 🙂

    toothpaste is great for cleaning the gunk that accumulates around taps.

    if you have a bagged hoover, drop some essensial oil into the bag and the rooms will smell yummy 🙂

    coke to remove limescale from toilets.

    try for cleaning tips or watch how clean is your house on a thurs at 8, great tips on that show !!


    I use the big pack of blue spar floor wipes they are fab for stainless steel and then i just buff with a dry tea towel. 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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