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    Who Needs What?
    The paler your natural skin tone, the more protection it needs to prevent sunburn, the development of skin cancer, and premature ageing. Scientists classify skin into 7 different types: type 1 & 2 burns easily, tan only slightly and have a higher skin cancer risk, most Irish people are this type. Skin types 5-7 are predominantly dark Asians and Africans, who have a very low cancer risk and rarely burn (black skin naturally contains the equivalent of SPF10 against UV exposure).

    In between are skin types 3 & 4 with a moderate to low cancer risk, the vast majority of Europeans, Mediterranean’s and paler-skinned Asians fall into this category.

    People with skin types 1 & 2 should always use a minimum SPF30 for skin types 3 & 4 should use SPF 30 to avoid wrinkles and sun spot or at least an SPF15. Dark skins 5-7 should use an SPF 15 if worried about skin ageing although this skin type could go unprotected for longer periods of time.

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